Friday, September 3, 2010

Shake It Off.

I went to bed before 2am last night. (Woot.) Then I woke up with a headache.
I thought the day was off to a rotten start after a couple of glitches and figured that my bad-week-streak was continuing.

The Hubby was running around to get out the door for a 4 day tour (most of it driving) and I was growling about all the things not working the way I thought they should.
The Drummer (who had just arrived after a 2 hour drive) looks at me after a couple of minutes into my irritating whine/rant about not knowing what to do says, "So. Pray about it."

Yeah. I figure I've spent a long time praying. I've spent a long time waiting for life to become what I hope and dream it to be. (Insert whiny voice here.)

And then the small moments when other people bestow a little wisdom on you SHAKES THE JEEPERS OUT OF YOU while also KNOCKING SOME SENSE INTO YOU.

Sis was telling me the other night about one of her clients who's an author.
This woman believes that everyone should write.
It gives the third person perspective on their OWN lives. Lordy knows everyone could use some of that.

So to follow in line with the slapping and shaking I disappeared into my studio (once Kiddos were sleeping) and created. For the last five hours. I scalded my fingers 8 times. Sweet nectar of hot glue.

I am now heading to bed feeling quite filled up.
A little more talking with God.
A little more snuggles from a little girl who put her pudgy hand over my heart tonight because she liked the feel of it falling asleep.
A little more breathing.
A little more late night apple snacks with a cuddly Prince who starts school in only three days.
A little more wine.
A little more creating and dreaming.
And now a little more sleep.

My life is a Decadent Double Milk Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream and Strawberries on the side.

SLAPPED, SHAKEN and seeing things clearly. I am rich.


  1. Awesome. Just AWESOME. Sounds like we need to talk! God is shaking me up today too!!