Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Hate Emily.

Do you ever just have one of those days?
You know.
The ones where you seem to have a handle on things until the spark plugs come loose and you know that someone is going to unfairly (or fairly) suffer the consequences of your poor electrical wiring?

Today was it for me.
Not the first and surely not the last, but definitely on my list of ugh-ers.
It began simply enough.
The Prince getting a much needed and wonderful haircut from Sis.
Breakfast with The Hubby sans small hyper beings.
Then came the fuse box explosion...

Hours and hours on the phone with all major Life-Effecting/Insanity-Instigating Companies. The Phone Company. The Hydro Company. The Bank. The Credit Card Company.
Then to top off all the joy and chirping birds they brought to my afternoon, then came the Passport Application.

Or should I say the "Government forms that loath to be filled out so they randomly delete themselves FOUR TIMES IN A ROW."
I finally filled it in by hand. Like in the Dark Ages.

I foolishly decided that I was ready to trot off and get my passport photo taken after YELLING at the automated voice on the other end of the line all day.
(Emily, from Bell?... I hate you and your monotone questions. "CUSTOMER SERVICE" means get me a real person!)

Anyway, as I stood there, hair undone, makeup worn off, lip gloss forgotten, I thought, "This sucks. Now whenever I pull out my passport I will remember this lovely day."

But no. That wasn't the end. The Lady says "Cheese!" (NOT) snaps the photo, looks at it and announces in front of the looonnnggg line up behind me that I need to powder my forehead. When I mention that I don't have any with me she pulls out a large roll of paper towel and asks me to wipe down the shine. And while I'm at it can I wipe my nose and chin? Because it's not 500 degrees outside lady?! Sheepishly I dab. She's says dab harder. I glare. She snaps the photo again.

Hello Passport.
You'd better take me somewhere F^@%!#$ awesome in the world!

Have a nice night!

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  1. Et tu? I had a horrible day too. And I'm not going anywhere! hope your passport takes you somewhere that will put a smile on your face!