Monday, August 30, 2010

A Short Road Trip.

Yesterday Sis and I headed off on a short road trip to see our Hubby's play in Lindsay.
It was the most perfect road trip weather.
Sunny, slight breeze and a hint that summer will stick around for a little while.
We had the bestest day. I kinda didn't want it to end.
Save for the part where I was putting oil in our car in a short denim skirt at 11pm outside a ghetto gas station while a drunk guy screamed at someone across the street.
Mechanic under pressure.

There is a whole lot more girlie fun that included a photo shoot with a vintage barber chair and a lake but I simply don't have the time to share that fun with you yet. Sibling rivalry refereeing is taking up most of my day. Tomorrow.

Today, the rock show!

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