Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Irish Car Bombs And Bucket List Accomplishments.

My Sis and her Hubby had a house warming last weekend.
Almost a year ago now they bought their first home in a different town.
Six months later they were sick of spending their free time driving to and from work so they moved back to Pickering.
I helped them move the first time. And the second time.
My Sis was a beautiful bride. She's a supportive sister. She's a talented hair stylist but she's a MOVE-ZILLA. And if she moves again in the next few years I will make sure I am out of the country.

It was an awesome party.
We had (Cousin) Philip from Ireland "pop" in for the weekend on his way to visit alligators in South Carolina (hope you haven't been eaten Phil). We love it when he visits. A party seems inevitable. So there were Irish Car Bombs in his honour and more than enough watermelon with vodka to knock out a daycare.

We laughed, we celebrated Mike and Steph's awesome new pad and we fell into bed by 2am only to be up and out the door for a church fun fair the next morning.
I was glad at 6:30am that I passed on the alcoholic fruit. It would've been a nasty morning otherwise.


Then The Hubby and I got a couple of days off parenting duty to enjoy this precious family.

And Daphne the Dog. The Dog that I am tempted to steal whenever I see her.
I've known Cory and Heidi since I was small enough to still get horsey back rides without causing severe spinal damage.
I rocked the dance floor harder than anyone the night of their wedding 16 years ago.
They are friends who bring an enormous amount of joy to the people around them.
They radiate fun and exemplify what a happy family should be.
And I try to soak up a little bit of parental wisdom whenever we're there, because they really have learned the ropes and they're just far enough ahead of us to teach us a heck of a lot.

They also like to play...
The first/only time I was on an ATV was at their place one year ago.
This time it seemed only fitting to beat that by taking a ride on the new Harley Special Edition.

To know me is to know that I am a walking chicken.
I dislike lakes due to the blackness that could be hiding a rare breed of fresh water shark that will bite my legs off.
I dislike rollercoasters because I'm lame and have a terets style panic attack when I get that drop in my stomach. (It's also a reoccuring nightmare to be in a falling elevator.)
I dislike plane rides for the the previous reason and my ears plug up.
I dislike fast cars because, well, some drivers are idiots.

So to get me on a bike is a huge accomplishment. And I wouldn't get on with just anyone, so believe me when I say I'd trust Cory with my life.

Five minutes into the ride and I was hooked.
I thought I would find it thrilling in a fast breathing, stressed out kind of way, but NO. It's soothing. Seriously soothing.
Ten minutes into it and I wondered why people drive in cars.
Fifteen minutes into it and I was contemplating how long I can wait before I'll want my own bike.
Fourty minutes later I was one relaxed and slap happy Biker Chick.

Bucket List:
(Add) Ride on a Harley Davidson. CHECK.
Go on the kiddie DROP ZONE without crying (or swearing at small children).

We ate chinese food and bacon and eggs. We lounged in a hot tub and had great conversation. We ate fresh cherry tomatoes out of the massive vegetable garden and we came home feeling like the two day reprieve was more like a week long holiday at a resort.
Thanks guys. You're the best.

P.S. Congrats Paul and Brandy on your adorable munchkin... Snuggles were wonderful!

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