Friday, August 20, 2010

100th Post Showing Life Is Beautiful & A Giveaway!

I have a long list of things to be grateful for.
I have a long list of daily whining that go along with it.
I'm trying to change that.

I have had the most wonderful August ever.
The Hubby home, The Kiddos happy, cottages, BBQs, girlie time... It just keeps getting better.
And today I woke up to a crisp Fall morning.
And it made me happy. Because while I have loved sweltering in the weather that makes summer actually feel like summer, Fall is the most INCREDIBLE time of year.
The smell of leaves piling up on the lawn, the choice of tank top OR sweater. Scarves! Oh I've already pulled out one for today even though it's hitting the summer highs again. Jeans. Jean envy as I window shop, since I seriously need to stop buying jeans. I love it all.
So I am grateful for Fall arriving soon. But I should really slow down and just be grateful for the last few days...

Like The Prince who spent an entire afternoon weeding and sweeping with Noe (who's hands were worked quite literally to the bone.) I am grateful that I have a Mother who makes my home look stunning from the outside, cuz if it was up to me, we might be living in a Fairy's Dreamland of large weeds and daffodils. Tinkerbell would be in Tinker heaven.

I am grateful for many, many beautiful and scenic parks to choose from only minutes from our home. Do we want Beach, or Bay? Do we want Rolling Fields or Forest? These kids have no idea how good they've got it. But I will make sure they learn.

I am grateful for music. I am grateful that it is a massive part of our lives and livelihood. How amazing is it that my basement can be transformed into a studio in a matter of hours and super talented people are our closest friends? I am grateful that I get to see rock shows on a regular basis. It simply makes me happy.

I am grateful for cheap waffle makers that work. How sweet to have waffles with strawberries and whipped cream at my own kitchen table. If we go out for breakfast the only thing I want to know is DO THEY HAVE WAFFLES? Now, my craving is permanently satisfied, and so is my wallet. YUM. Though if I eat this every morning my gym membership may crumple up and die from the horror of it all.

And I am grateful for this... This little blog has been my outlet that I have truly enjoyed. It's brought lovely perspective to the normal frustrations of the everyday. I love the people I have had the chance to hear from or chat to and because of how grateful I am I am doing a giveaway!!! It is the 100th Post People. About time.

I want to hear the #1 thing YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR.

This is Fabulous Green Rose on a clip and pin (from the 20s Collection) is just a little
Thanks For Stopping By.
Next Thursday I will randomly pick a winner from the comments and announce it!
Good Luck...


  1. First comments - what an honour!!

    #1 Grateful for a wife who is my best friend at all times.

  2. I am Greatful, for my amazing husband and four Amazing children! God has blessed me beyond anything i couls ever imagine, Also for the beautiful sunrise and sunsets everyday!
    Joni Faul

  3. I am Grateful for my son Ben...who is here despite all odds. And Noah, who is perfectly healthy, and I now know, that is no small matter.
    Thanks for your always sweet and inspiring posts!
    BTW...I follow you :)
    - Dorian

  4. 100!!! Woohooo!!! Im grateful for INCREDIBLE Friends, Family & a husband whom without Gods love and Grace Whose knows where I'd be!!!!

  5. I'm most grateful for my 2 beautiful boys. They're definitely a gift from God!

  6. Hello, Thanks for visiting my blog - yours is very charming. Nice getting to know you here. =)

  7. Newbie to viewing this blog! ;)

    I am Grateful for life...the opportunity to have all my loved ones with me while exploring the journey of what life has to offer!

  8. What am I grateful for?
    Your blog!

    Now doesn't that sound like something someone who is kissing a$$?? ;)
    To assure you that i am not, i'll remain anonymous!

    I am a single mom of two children, and it has been a struggle for me to accept the circumstances I have created for myself. Your blog has been an inspiration to me. i love reading it, seeing the pictures, and relating to so much of it! Reading it makes me proud to be a mother, and it helps realize that it is ok to admit that it's hard work, and it's a sucky job most of the time.

    When i read your blog, i wanna hold my kids tighter! Thanks for that!
    I will be forever grateful that you are sharing your blog with the world!