Monday, August 16, 2010

Sundaes On Sunday.

The weekend was darling, as far as weekends go.

A beach bum day on Saturday and a somewhat impromptu BBQ on Sunday.

Some of our favourite friends piled into the kitchen and on the back deck to eat delicious burgers and stuff their faces with homemade loaded potatoes (my specialty).
Funny, the ratio of vegetarians to meatitarians was almost 2:1. Wow.

The sky looked ominous so we stayed inside until we realized that as we were slowly cooking in our non-air conditioned house, the lightning rumbling in the distance had yet to bring the rain with it.
Sitting under a split sky is wonderful. Knowing that it's gonna pour but NOT YET is one of my favourite things.
Growing up you'd find my Sis buried under the covers crying into Mom's arms while my Dad and I were at the front window (and occasionally on the porch) waiting to see a strike overhead.

We made ice cream sundaes for the first time in this house.
It's not a common occurrence.
Usually red food colouring/sugar filled candies are avoided but hey, it was a perfect ending to a lovely weekend so all rules needed to be broken.

We finished off with a water fight love the children and man-children and then we watched hilarious YouTube videos, why? Because. They Rock.


  1. hehe sounds fun! Did prince react to the food colouring?

  2. You betcha! No sleep till quite late!

  3. it and soooo true!
    oh, i love this post. filled with happy, sugar filled moments with friends and fam. i'm jealous of your bbq...i need to plan one stat!

    i love that you are still celebrating summer. i am about to run off into a crisp fall sunset and forget about the rest of this perfectly wonderful season. i needed this post, ;)

    btw, your photos are beautiful!