Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Joys...

Before her first ever flower girl appearance I thought I would take The Princess for her first ever Pedi-Mani.
She was a doll.
She ooo-ed and awww-ed and asked every nail technician "What's your name???"
She got little lilies painted on her toes and thumbs.
It was the perfect little outing and she was perfect (for 90% of the time).

Then we got home and within two minutes she peeled off every perfect little bit of polish that existed. I learned My lesson. Don't take a 2.75 yr old for a Mani... just a Pedi.

And can you spot my new piece of skin bling???
Yep that's it!
A small silhouette of a bird behind my left ear.
I only get tattoos on the middle to left side of my body.
I'm right handed.
It just makes sense.
It hurt like a B!%@$ but I am glad I did it.
It's now my fav. Next to my Cherry name and my baby footprints, oh and my Jesus/Canada fish Tramp Stamp (Not really a Tramp Stamp, just the location. I will call it my Holy Stamp)...

The Hubby loves his gear. I mean like really, truly, passionately, deeply, and faithfully loves his gear. So much so that I have had to ban gear from all upstairs rooms or there will be no where for the rest of the family to live. But every now and then I find him sneaking things up that staircase. Needless to say he was caught. A PRS is SO not comfy to snuggle up to, despite WHAT he says.

Then last night we ladies enjoyed Girls Night Out at Milestones.
4 Bellini's and 4 Appetizers.
I am officially, and mildly addicted to Bellini's though I promise it will be a smaller addiction than tattooing or fashion magazines. One can only keep up with so many addictions at one time.

The conversation was a riot, we celebrated Christy and Liz's birthdays and we watched as very adult appropriate gifts were given. Oh what fun we had!

And I almost forgot. I know that there are digital cameras and I post pictures ALL THE TIME but there are moments that can't compare to an old school (and now completely updated, so not so old school) photo booth. The Prince is a whole heck of a lot bigger than the four month old I dragged into a photo booth and smooched for the flash. And he keeps getting cuter. Is that even possible?

Happy Random Tuesday All.

P.S. The mould has been defeated by good old elbow grease and a righteous dehumidifier. EAT THAT SPORES OF SATAN!

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