Thursday, August 26, 2010

And The Winner Is....

Did you really think I'd give it away so quickly...?
Am I really such an All Out There Kinda Girl that I won't make you wait...?
Well first I wanted to share my Thursday.

A simple kind of a Thursday.
Back to school shopping.
For The Prince. Not me. Though I do think that Mommy's deserve new outfits for the first day of school too... The Hubby disagreed. I bought a plain white shirt as a compromise. He doesn't know he compromised. I could've bought the faux fur vest that I've had my eye on...

There was usual play outside at Noe and Popops while Daddy had rehearsal at the house.
It wasn't so much the noise that forced us to leave as it was the Eau de Man that was wafting up from the basement.

The Princess ran while The Prince rode his scooter. She was asleep before 7pm. He wasn't.
I think it was running in shoes a size to small that tired her out. But they're sparkly ballerina slippers so YOU try telling her not to wear them!
And then my iPhone was high jacked and I found a lovely array of photos inspired by the artistic nature of an almost five year old.
Cute eh?

I finished up some work and shared a delectable Belgium chocolate sour cream cake with Sis before we both bailed to do the remaining day's business at home...

Now that I have forced my somewhat simple Thursday upon you I will announce the winner!

Or Not.

No really. Here it is.

DORIAN!!! You won Chicka! Shoot me off a message!!!

Now as for CherryApple Art Accessories, I'm holding a BACK TO SCHOOL SALE....
Check out CherryApple Art Products on Facebook and check it out but otherwise I'll get around to it in a couple of days on here...

And off to bed with me. Tomorrow I take The Prince on a little adventure downtown Toronto. You know I'll be happy!


  1. school shopping is amazingly fun, but that chocolate cake looks like it was more fun. of course, i zone in on the food! lol.


  2. YAY! This totally made my day! I can't wear to rock it and blog about my great new hair jewel! And about you :)
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Again Becks! Just wanted to tell you that I've awarded you with A Blog Of Substance award! Go to my blog for details and to pick up your button!