Monday, August 2, 2010

It's My Cottage Birthday Week... Well, The First Half.

Friday night was a joint birthday party for me and Talia. We dolled up all sexy and sweet and headed out for a night of eating, drinking and dancing at Alley Catz in T.O.

My gorgeous friends were show stoppers and the boys brought their charm to compliment. It was an evening filled with hysteria and bad, bad dancing and a large Mango Mai Tai.

That damn Mango Mai Tai wrecked my fun.
I brainlessly forgot to read the list of ingredients on the drink menu and didn't think about the fact that I am ALLERGIC to PINEAPPLE. I end up doubled over in horrible pain with what feels like blisters ravaging every part of my insides.
I was able to ignore the pain and dance but come 12:45am I was a write off...
So therein ended my ALL NIGHT DANCING plan...
But that damn MANGO MAI TAI will not ruin my memories!
Thank you friends!

After the agonizing pineapple torture we got up bright and early to drive up to the Kawartha Lakes to indulge in the Bewsch Cottage.

My family has been coming up here for over a decade.
Every year we pack up way too much food and way too many drinks and head up for the August long weekend.
I have been celebrating my birthday there since I was 15.
This year I turn 26.
It is a slice of heaven on earth (if you ignore the beautifully stenciled and carpeted outhouse) and this year only the siblings went up together.
There were no Munchkins running around to be worried for, there were no "adults" to make cleaning and cooking schedules and there was a whole lot of lounging.

We ate when we got hungry. We cleaned when we were too bored with laying in the sun. We read many, many magazines. We listened to the boys strum guitars and play Dub Step.
We had a filled glass of wine consistently. Everyone BUT me swam to the small island, responsibly, with an inner tube so no speed boats would hit them. We beer bobbed with life jackets, only instead of beer we had Smirnoff Ice. Beer Bobbing is AWESOME.
It was the most relaxed I have been in YEARS.
No word of a lie.

And I got to drive my sis nuts by being sentimental the entire time.
Like discussing the difference between CHOSEN responsibility and REQUIRED responsibility.
Or sharing FONDEST memories of the cottage.
Perhaps it was the mention of PURE BLISS that made her squeamish.
Whatever the case, she was gagging the whole time.
Because Stephie hates mush and emotional crap.
And since I am writing about this I am expecting a text in the next few minutes after she reads it saying: "geez Rebecca. Gag."
I love my best friend.

We ate beer chicken and had a deep debate over whether to drizzle or not to drizzle (ketchup on fries) and it was decided that while dipping meant consistency, drizzling was like a surprise in your mouth.

My younger (and very single) brother Jon told a story about when I was in labour with The Prince. He was 15 and my Mom had just called and told him the progress update. He was so excited about his nephew that he told his buddies that I was 2cm dilated. His friends then told him what that meant. In detail. He is still recovering from the trauma.

And we danced.
Sing "Single Ladies" as you look through these and you'll see I'm almost as good as Beyonce.
Seriously. I think I was her in another life.

My slice of heaven is wonderful.
And hard to leave.
But four days and three nights away from The Kiddos is more than enough. And the longest time yet.
I am refreshed and relaxed and ready to drive to the Muskokas now (the OTHER direction) to go for a visit with The Hubby's fam for a couple of days at the cottage they are at.

While Ontario winters (yes I mentioned winter. Cringe) may be brutal, the cottage life is worth it. Well at least this year it was!

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