Friday, July 30, 2010

We Saw Every Inch Of Marine Land.

This past week was crazy!

Marine Land is one of those places where children were either laughing or screaming and parents are either smiling or growling.

The Kiddos had a blast and by midnight each night, they finally conked out.
Long days, long nights and many many memories.

We saw seals and whales and dolphins and walruses and deer and we ate delicious food and played in the hotel pool for hours.

And by the time we got to see the Falls on the last day there I was finished.


I thought I was sick of home but after three days away in busy packed crowds I was thrilled to see my own bed. Most especially to put the kids in THEIR OWN ROOM!

The weather cooperated and the sun shone for all but thirty minutes of the entire trip.

I am grateful for the fun we got to have... Thanks Mom and Dad Mac...

Seeing Daddy for the first time in weeks.

I hate amusement park rides... Really and truly...
So I kept watch over our stuff and lounged on the stroller...
I know, I'm lame.
Turns out The Prince got the ride junkie gene from Daddy while The Princess is a little more me. It's okay, she can chill with me. :)

We had dinner on the lovely patio behind the hotel the first night and the second night we ate at Cousin Vinny's Italian Restaurant. Most UNBELIEVABLE steak EVER.

It was so hot I was cooking like a soft boiled egg on a stove top in these jeans.
Note the grumpy face...

It was a blast, and tiring and we are ALL happy to be home again...

But not for long!

Tonight I go out with The Hubby and friends to dance all night and celebrate my/Talia's birthday and I plan on dancing to THIS. Tomorrow we say bye to The Munchkins and go off to our annual cottage destination for a couple of days of hammock rest and relaxation...
Cannot wait to post pics from THAT fun!

Happy Long Weekend Everyone!

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  1. Hi Rebekah
    Your family is so beautiful! Have fun on your gettaway!! Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    warm wishes