Friday, July 2, 2010

I Am Canadian.

Every year we look forward to July 1st. It's just one of those things... fun happens on that day.
It was the day six years ago that I was given my engagement ring from The Hubby while on a drive to Port Dover. (He'd actually proposed three days earlier.)
When he worked retail it was a Get Out Of Jail Free Card for a holiday-day.
Yesterday he was rocking out and getting sun stroke in Illinois.
We stayed home. And no one got sun stroke.

Yesterday was a lazy one for us.
A cartoon morning filled with colouring and Mommy working away at bows and roses.

The Kiddos got to play with our neighbour's son... And when I sent The Prince on a big boy mission to drop something off at my friend's home two doors down he told me he'd go by himself because "I'm a big boy now Mommy."
I watched from the upstairs window as he stealthily ran down the walkway and hid behind the bushes so my friend's boyfriend wouldn't see him.
Then he hid behind the car and crept along the fence until he made a rustling in the plants and was caught! Then said boyfriend helped him surprise my friend.
It was HILARIOUS, I laughed the whole time. When I later asked him what he was doing he said "I was being a good spy!" (Of course he was. He currently thinks he's Jackie Chan.)

We lounged in our jungle of a backyard and The Munchkins killed earwigs and ants. Children after my own heart. Once The Prince had well squished a bug, The Princess came in with her purse as some extra assurance it would never bother them again.
The Prince then requested that I photo document the nasty creature. Yeah. Good and dead all right.
If only killing raccoons was legal. (Sadistically joking.)

I was informed while trying to enjoy one of my favourite fruits that they were NOT for me. The Princess told me that since they were cherries and her name is Cherry, they were for HER and HER alone. Smart ass.
At least she shared enough to let me teach her how to spit out the pits. And man can my kid spit! She had it down to an art in a matter of seconds and it became the best part of the cherry eating... Well, the best part of Cherry eating cherries... wa wa waaaaaaa.

Finally we decided to be patriotic and dressed a little more the Canadian part while Noe and Popops did the gardening that I had avoided for weeks.
I garden twice a year.
Once in the Spring and once in the Fall. I work my ass off, I haul dirt and mulch and plants and I feel like I will finally enjoy doing it this year, and then it's over.
So I water and I maintain but weed pulling and trimming and serious overhaul I leave up to my 60 year old mother. Hey she offers!
She is happy doing it. And I am happy giving her all the credit for the beauty she makes.

Talia came for dinner and fireworks fun, in gladiator sandals no less.
Awesomely HOT.
I so wish God did not give me thick Irish legs that go from calf straight to foot. Cankles. Thanks God.
But Tals rocked the sidewalk chalk with no issue... That's wearable fashion!

We ate, I went nuts trying to soap my plants to get rid of the new bug infestation we found and then Tals and I watched The Hangover, drank jello shots from a neighbour, enjoyed the fireworks from the front lawn and called the cops on a massive gang fight happening on my driveway, caused but too much alcohol and too much testosterone and the contagious anger that seems to be rampant in our city these last few days.

I'm hoping that all the fun we're having and planning becomes as contagious to the people in our lives as the anger that we're shielding our kids from.
Cause our Nation could always use a little more peace.
But Thank God I AM CANADIAN!

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  1. oh, those sandals are hot. love the self pic in the window of you and that first photo of your little one is AMAZING. those eyes, yum!

    your daughter and those cherries...haha, she sounds like my little one.

    your photos are so colorful, i love a little color. they are beautiful! happy canadian. going to canada in a few weeks and i can't wait!