Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello Vacation... Goodbye Daily Grind...

Tomorrow morning we will pack two excited little Munchkins into our car and head off to Marine Land... For three days away.

The Prince cannot wait to see whales and dolphins and swimmers of all sorts.
The Princess insists she is going to see Tinkerbell there, and has told every friend and stranger this for over a week. At not yet three she doesn't get the difference between Marine Land and Disney Land. The smell of fish water may be a wakeup call...

Since The Hubby came home I have been icing and elevating a very strained quad, while I have been pampered with breakfast cooked for me and laundry done, and child rearing off my shoulders. I have even hobbled downstairs to find dishes finished. He cooks AND cleans. It's lovely and refreshing after such a long time without him... I'm relaxed.

Considering I will be disappearing from blog-land until late this week, maybe even until next week, I thought I would leave you with the STUPENDOUS photos taken by Melanie Greenwood and styled by Steph Crofts for my etsy site.

CherryApple Art is officially up and running...



  1. Hvae fun at Marine Land! You deserve a few days off. Hope your leg get better!

  2. wow this is amazing!
    love the headbands,they are so beautiful..and so is the model! ;-)

    have a fun time in marine land!!