Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wine And Cheese. Yum.

It's ridiculously late again.
I can't seem to land on my pillow at a reasonable hour these days but fun has been had!
Yesterday we celebrated Jenna and Mike's engagement with a decadent array of cheeses and a wide variety of wine... Though I must say I stuck to the champagne punch for the evening...
The Kiddos went off the Grandma's in the afternoon and so I had the joy of helping get this beautiful evening set up and a little preview taste of all the treats. And taste I did... Vermont Aged Cheddar, Double Smoked Cheddar, French Brie, Bleu Cheese, Italian Cheeses...
The weather was stunning and the flies stayed away thanks to the stench of bug spray and citronella so we all crowded around the food and nibbled like we'd never nibbled before.

There was laughter and new faces. Debates over sexy bald vs. sexy hair... And while I find The Hubby to be a very attractive man... I do admit to hair lust.
Jenna and Mike gushed about The Munchkins like they were there own... "Cherry did this... And Seth did that..." It's in those moments that I soak up the richness that is my life. To be blessed in every way with the most loving people surrounding our little family.
My Sis makes this face above, right before she laughingly says "Ohhhh Stopppphhhh!!!" And then she giggles hysterically. I need to capture it on video because it's the most contagious giggle and this photo makes me smile because I can picture those words coming next...

The toasts were sweet and Jenna informed everyone that her grandmother always tells her that her tear ducts were too close to her eyes. When we all looked at her funny, she corrected herself saying that her bladder was too close to her eyes... When the funny looks continued she finally got it right... Her bladder is too close to her tear ducts.
Her Grandmother is right.

We pecked at brownies and crackers once all the guests left and then we bundled up and sat under the massive apple tree to lounge and enjoy the twinkle lights and flying bats.
It was a gorgeous evening for a gorgeous couple.

Today I was allowed to sleep in with the house empty of Monkeys and so I relaxed and spent the afternoon eating spring rolls and going to the movies with Emma.
I forgot that I used to do things like that before I was married and before I had children.
It just means that now I get to go home to snuggles and cuddles instead of an empty apartment with a mentally deranged neighbour across the hall who stalked my roommate.
Life has taken a BIG upturn since those days.

And while I stated that there would be only photos of adults, The Mini Dudes were so adorable tonight at the park with Grandma and Grandpa that I couldn't resist.
While the kite flying part was a bit of a bomb... The purpose was fulfilled. Two very exhausted children are tucked into their beds sleeping so deeply that their counting sheep could be having a Dance Dance Revolution party over their heads and they'd never know it.

Now if only my sheep would start jumping. Maybe I should start counting and catch some ZZZZZZs.

(P.S. Eleven days to go before The Hubby gets home. Maybe I should just stick to counting weekdays and get myself a cup of warm milk instead.)


  1. becca. so so good. i love staying in your life while I'm away. :) love you.

  2. i can't believe jenna is getting married. i remember her when she was just an awkward grade 9er, weren't we all? hehe.

    gorgeous photos and i'm sure the wedding will be beautiful as well..

  3. Congrats Jenna and Mike, Beautiful engagement party!!! All the best to the both of you!