Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DVP Love.

The Don Valley Parkway is a highway that runs from the north to the south through Toronto.
I love it.
I love the beauty of it and I will often look at it and see a massive road plunked by a massive crane in the middle of a massive untamed jungle rather than a road with trees planted around it.

I am a little edgy today. Just one of those days where when the babysitter at the gym (quite nicely) scolded me for forgetting to cancel a time slot, I almost bawled.
Working out on the strider ain't as much fun when your about to cry.

So all I have is this. My love for the DVP. Because today I need to be simple.
And I am about to go make bow hairpieces with 17 nine year old girls for a birthday party.
The suggestion I got from another mother yesterday of mixing Crystal Light and Vodka is sounding wonderful right now.

In the meantime enjoy the drive. It brings me joy.

(P.S. Ten days to go before The Hubby gets home... Feeling it.)


  1. I LOVE reading your blogs becca, they keep me sane LOL and I realize how much I am/like the same things as you, like the DVP!

  2. I live in the country & I didn't realize how beautiful a drive in the city could be. Thanks for sharing! (I found your blog on Cjane's blog.)

  3. Oh I LOVE our city! So glad you found me :)