Friday, July 9, 2010

Rocking A Heatwave.

Over the last week we have slowly been cooking. Literally.
Until I was at the gym this morning where the natural gas wasn't working and it was only bitterly cold showers, I hadn't shivered in five days.
I am freezing almost permanently.
Again, I blame the Irish in me.

And rather than stay inside in our NON AIR CONDITIONED house, we have lived in the garden, more specifically in the kiddie pool on the back deck.

The Kiddos have had special time with my friends this week.
The Prince apparently is a pro when it comes to swinging a bat. All he needed was a few pointers and now he spends every second outside asking me to throw a ball at him. Sometimes this satisfies a wish I have to throw things at him. Like the sandwich when it isn't cut up just right and he refuses to eat it... Joking... Of course...

Jenna came over and cooked for me.
After a large bee flew up out of our recycling bins and stung me in the forehead that morning, I was a tad swollen, quite sore and a little sucky. Yeah I know. I said forehead. Friggin bees.
Icing the ouchie for almost two hours and taking an antihistamine made me slightly groggy so I was sent off to have a nice long nap while my beautiful friend put together a yummy meal.
I woke up to a delicious aroma feeling mildly drugged and now I only have a charming zit looking thing to prove I went through serious trauma.
Those suckers hurt. Like mini stabbing dagger hurt.
And to top it off my Mom went to spray the bins to protect us in the future and how has a hand swollen up like a boxing glove to prove her serious trauma. Friggin bees.

The housework has been abandoned in favour of ribbons and ribbons and ribbons and a few feathers with some sparkle.
When we aren't outside battling the heat (considering parts of our home feel like an oven on high, outside feels like a cooler) I have been up in my little office working until the wee hours of the night taking advantage of The Hubby's absence. (Oh, just over two weeks to go now...)

This weekend will be full of cinnamon buns from Ikea and a silent house while the Munchkins go visit with Grandma while I trott off to an engagement party for dear Jenna and Mike...
Photos of fun, consisting of mostly adults will follow...
Now I need a coffee...
Creativity flows best when the caffine is pumping.

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  1. Oh, the visions of slinging sandwiches in Emma's direction danced through my head more times then one!