Sunday, July 4, 2010

I'm Getting There

Sometimes there are just days where I am so tired that I want to curl up in a ball and rock myself back to sleep.
Yesterday was one of those days.
The cause of sleeplessness? .......
1: Children, 2: Fun with friends, 3: painting the kids room alllllll night long.

I was functioning on under four hours of sleep a night for five nights. I hit my wall. I mean I cried like I hit a wall. FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.
I was a royal basket case of exhaustion and irritation and monthly hormones. It wasn't pretty. Not in the slightest.
I was in fact so dismal that I couldn't bring myself to write anything joyous to go with all the excitement of previous days.
It was pathetic and silly and the perfect fix was space from hyper children and a Mother who spent the night so I logged in a full 8 hour sleep.

Today I am right side up again and breathing steadily.
And I am reminded of why babies scare me. I don't do well on sleep deprivation. Not then, not now.

Emma came for a sleepover on Friday night.
Marriage = few sleepovers with girlfriends. For both of us.
But The Hubby is in California taking pictures every 2 seconds with his iPhone and her Hubby was in the studio all night working on an album.
Rather than sipping wine and eating a bag of ketchup chips while crying over a chick flick, we painted. And painted. And painted.

We'd estimated that it would take us till 11pm to wrap up the job.
A desperate run to Home Depot for another gallon of paint, a refill on coffee at Tims, and the clock struck 1. Then 2 and by 3am we were crawling into bed to watch 5 minutes of TMZ before our brains shut off.

Originally it was going to be a blue and pink room. Then Daddy suggested polka dots. Then The Prince decided in fact the room should be green and pink with SILVER dots no less.
He chose the same green as his other room (now finished office) and not grey dots, but shiny silver dots. Period.

Girlie, magenta pink didn't work so well for the feel of the room so The Princess picked a coral shade from my sheets of colour.

Add polka dots and my children are living in a giant watermelon.
My children, whose names are already fruit, (Cherry and MacIntosh) are living in a frickin fruit!
Tals even said that you can taste watermelon as soon as you walk in the room it's so vibrant.
And I'm okay with that.
The woman mixing my paint said she thought that I was bold to pick coral for a room. Ha, she had nooo idea.

We loaded up on coffee and hit garage sales for the morning before the Munchkins came home.
Garage sale-ing is additive. There should be a warning label attached to all garage sale signs.
The Kiddos loved the room.
So we packed up and headed to the beach.

It was a perfect day followed by a horrible night of two overtired little ones awake till almost 11pm terrorizing each other and then waking up at 5am to two little ones terrorizing each other.
Hence the terrible Sunday.

But it's all good because I've got my safe haven to escape to after they pass out at night.
And they'd better tonight. We were at the park ALL afternoon.
A fabulous day!
Still have at least 18 days to go before The Hubby comes home...


  1. You can do it Becca! Truck on through!

    I wish you guys didn't live in flipping Pickering and we all could hang out like in the old days, but alas, life does what it will!

    Sheena and I are looking forward to hanging out with you guys when Josh gets back!

  2. I take a deep breath and I appreciate the quietness of my home on your behalf.

    The rooms look great! and I'm so glad that you have a space to work in.

  3. I love the "watermelon room" Rebecca. You have such a great sense of style! I'm glad you came out today. It seems like it has been FOREVER since we spoke!

  4. Keep on keepin' on! I'll savor the quiet for you. :)

  5. Reading this post makes me want to finally get around to painting my kids' rooms and go garage sale-ing!

    (I found your blog on Cjane's blog.)