Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And July Begins With A Bang.

Can you see The Hubby with the kids at the park?

Last week The Hubby was home for five days. Meaning we deep cleaned the house, went to the park a ton and barbecued almost every night.

Then on Wednesday morning The Prince graduated from JK to SK. BIG deal in our house.
We (meaning Popops,Noe, Sis, Daddy, Princess and Mommy) all met up to see him sing with his class at the last school assembly.
Noe showed up with a baggie (note the hot guy) full of little pressies in honour of The Prince's first summer vacation.
I was pretty proud walking beside my mother rocking the hot Hollister model bag. She had NO idea the funny looks we got!

Apparently we weren't the only over eager family and the parents of most of all the kindergartners showed up to cheer on the ABC song...
But waiting for the show to start took awhile so we listened to Thunderstruck in the gym speakers while O Canada played in the hallways and classrooms.
Dude, it was the craziest anthem mix I've ever heard. We all stood barely hearing the lines "We stand on guard for thee" over the shredding guitars.

And The Princess played with her new dolly until Auntie Stephie busted it's leg off.
The look of horror and disgust was so impressive I wish I could bottled it.
Only a 2.5 year old girl can give attitude like that.

Finally the stars arrived and all of us over eager parents took turns running to the front to snap a pic and embarrass our Munchkins.

This is Mr. Green.
He was one of my teachers in both grade 7 and 8.
He was one of the BEST teachers I ever had.
Now The Prince waves and yells HI to him when passing in the parking lot at school...

An hour later the performance began.
There were actions and giggles and yelling/singing and The Prince was the BEST ONE UP THERE!
He grinned and gave us a sheepish wave and when the song was over we cheered like he scored a touchdown. Because in our eyes he did.
And we are so proud of him.
Can't you see the joy in Daddy's eyes?...

After rocking out the school assembly we left the kids with "Nanny" and headed downtown for a date.
It ended up being a mess of traffic and parking and waiting and when we got sick of it we headed off to The Bluffs to escape it all and landed in another mess of traffic and bad directions (thanks map quest) and finally had forty minutes to relax before the rush home began.

That forty minutes was lovely.

Random fact, this is painted in the underground parking at Young and Dundas Square.
I painted it.
In another life I was hired to paint all the murals in two parking garages downtown.
I couldn't finish the job for many reasons but I did complete three murals. My brush put that on the wall.
It's kind of cool.
Just saying.

I am getting used to these signs and this road.
I'm sure I will someday know them so well I could drive them with my eyes closed. Though I'm not crazy enough to ever try. I am a safe driver...

I dropped off The Hubby yesterday. He flew to Chicago so that they could drive to Illinois to play Cornerstone Festival today.
Then they go to California and then onto Texas.
He'll be home in 23 days. If all goes as planned. Maybe longer. It's all good.

We've never been apart this long in ten years.
Thank goodness for texting and email and iChat.

And though there are times that it feels harder to be home with the kids than on a stage rocking out, I HAVE a little mini him in each of them. So at night when they refuse to stay in their beds and snuggle into mine, I cuddle up and feel like he's a little closer. That is, until a whack to the nose from a flailing arm or a kick to the stomach from a twitching leg. The nightly beatings from restless kids makes for a much more grumpy Mommy in the morning.

It's Canada Day today.
I plan on having a great time.
Currently my monkeys are jumping on my bed blasting music on my iPhone singing away.
There will be celebrations and if all goes well, fireworks.

Anything to fill the days with fun.

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!!


  1. oh my gosh! so two things in this post...the gym of william dunbar, wow! so weird seeing that...and the fact that they have not changed the wall paint in over a decade, lol. so strange to see that! and second, MR.GREEN!!! i can't believe he still works there...that is SO amazing. i remember going back one time and there was only like 2 teachers i knew that were still there. aw, he was wicked!!


  2. so neat that your children attend the same school that you did.

    I feel older after I reading your blog, it tires me just to think of how demanding your life is. As you know my children are all grown up and now I patiently wait for some grand-babies (which are NO where in sight of course), but to think of how much stamina it takes to raise a family brings me to sheer exhaustion. You're doing a GREAT job!

  3. love these pics! i'm just catching up!
    proud papa, your old teacher, gladiator sandals rock!

    so much fun in this post!

  4. WOW! Mr. Green! That's awesome, he was my favourite! And like mama said, it's very cool that your little ones attend William Dunbar :)

  5. WOW! Mr. Green! That's awesome, he was my favourite! And like mama said, it's very cool that your little ones attend William Dunbar :) (lets try this again, it seems my friend was signed in last on my comp - this is Julia!)