Friday, June 4, 2010

Reaching The Finish Line.

Daddy comes home tomorrow!
Woot Woot!
It ain't been so bad.
I've found a groove for the most part and between grandparents, friends and parks we've had a blast.

Minus this morning.
I managed to gouge my eyeball in a sleepy state with a freshly filed nail and had swelling, tears and what looked like a detached retina. (But I'm not a specialist. Hell, I thought that The Princess bit off the end of her tongue the other day and had an ambulance come for a chewed grape and small nip that bled excessively.)

So to add to my itching, stinging, fake pinky-eye looking nastiness I forgot to warm up my vocal cords.

Note to self:
ALWAYS warm up vocal cords before screaming at children to stop screaming and behave. Otherwise you won't be able to yell for the rest of the week and you will sound like a thirteen year old boy who hit puberty really damn fast.

Yes. I sound like a thirteen year old boy who hit puberty really damn fast.
Not sexy.
The Hubby will love it... "hIiI bAbIIIIieE." Yeah...

We've had leaping off picnic bench contests...
MOPS and church and sleepovers...
Lunch with a fab group of moms who rock.
Some hot ladies in that group!

We have kissed new babies.
Bossed around cute boys.
Tickled chubby legs.

And ate at McDonald's more times than I want to own up to.

It's seriously embarrassing. Especially when I talk crap about their crap all the time.
If only Subway restaurants would have play places. Then I could go on talking crap about crap without being a complete hypocrite.

One more snack time. One more dinner. One more sleep. One more breakfast. One more playdate with Noe and Popops and then Dadddy will be home.
And it will all be done in MIME. Since I have no voice.


  1. that second last photo kills me. SO ADORABLE!

  2. *whispers* I relate. I've lost my voice this week probably more times than you've eaten McD's *grin* I should have called you up for a play date but well, you'd wonder who was this creepy person whispering into the phone asking you to bring your kids over to play.
    Yay for Daddy coming home! :D

  3. are you sure you don't sound like a sexy young woman with that voice?

    as much as i hate to lose my voice, at one point or another i convince myself that i sound all like sexy and not me...hahaha, i swear. maybe i've got it all wrong though:)

    happy the daddy is returning and thank goodness for fabulous moms!

    oh, i can relate to the mickey d's thing.