Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day.

My Dad. My kids Popops.
He's amazing. He believes in dad's changing diapers, and daily park runs, carrots and celery at every dinner, and loving his kids more than we even realize.
I love my Dad.

The Hubby rocks.
I decided so many years ago he would be my husband and we would have beautiful children and live a glorious life. (To be exact it was 15 years ago and I was 11.)
I'm happy that I saw that future so clearly because now I am living it.

We were so clueless having The Prince.
And yet we dove in together. He stood beside me for every crazy moment and I knew he was going to be great.
He adored the Prince from the moment he was born and the morning following his birth I woke up bright and early to find this new Daddy cradling a swaddled Prince while reading a guitar magazine.
A natural.

And two years later The Princess came along and he melted more than I would've imagined.
A doting Daddy who lovingly calls his Cher-Bear his favourite girl, and tells Monkey that he's his favourite boy.
Our beautiful children adore him more than any words I write will describe.

My Angel, Happy Father's Day.
I adore you even more than the children do...
You make me mush.

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