Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wisdom With A Side Of Steak.

Yesterday our Torontonian turned Winnipeger friends came for a dinner date.
Drew and Sara are The Prince's godparents, and we are their son's godparents.
They were in our wedding party and there for all major moments in our lives whether in prayer or in presence.
They are a solid place to find comfort, love, peace and most importantly WISDOM.

And after we soaked up the joy of seeing our children play together in such a "childlike" way instead of baby cooing....

And after we took way more pictures than you can imagine...

And after we barbecued at the back door when the rain came pouring down in buckets (anything for steak)...

And after The Kiddos were snuggled and read to and prayed with and kissed and tucked into bed (though they remained awake talking to each other from one room to another)...

Then the adult time came and the boys retreated to the studio as always and Sara and I took the den and we talked until we realized how fast time had flown by and the evening had turned to night.

I so love our talks. But I really adore just inhaling her wisdom.
Today I have thoughts to chew on. Like at what point are lines drawn for stretching yourself to thin? When does it matter what others think? Does it ever matter what others think? Can you ever be too creative? And how can insurmountable mountains become ant hills?

We will talk each other through many more stages in life... we've already been through new marriage, first children, second (and almost second) children, work stress, friendship ups and downs, health crises, etc.
You name it, we've seen it and yet there is still a lifetime to go. We're just blessed that there will be a lifetime with this couple learning alongside us.

And tomorrow I will be posting about all the crazy summer fun we've been having with Daddy home and there will be so many pictures I expect I'll be spending hours just trying to upload them all!

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  1. This post had me smiling the whole way through. :)