Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Parties And First Beers. Yes I said FIRST.

I told The Prince that I didn't like him colouring my lawn chair blue.
His reply? .........
"Oh that's because it's not finished yet. You'll like it when I'm done."
True enough.
He also washed it when he was done. Who am I to constrain the Artist Within? (inappropriate TV show reference.)

The Hubby flew off again this morning for the next five days.
Third time now and I think I'm getting the hang of it.
Five days seems like a breeze considering the three weeks that I will be rocking the solo mama gig in July. Ugh.
It's all good. That's what beaches (and grandparents) are for!
Right now The Hubby is taking dozens of shots on his iPhone to send to me and brag about how beautiful the East Coast of Canada is.
I know dude. I already saw Emma's brag photos last summer. Not fair.

Anyway... back to the weekend.

First came (love then came marriage... oh, never mind) the TEA PARTY!
Technically it was called Ladies High Tea but I dressed in British Royalty Princess Garb for the afternoon. Hairpiece and all (though not quite as feathery).

Some wonderful women at our church (Ahem... name just one...) spent ages making the day perfectly delightful.
I had biscuits and eclairs (too many) and tarts and sugar cookies.
The sweetest (insert cheese here) part of it all was the conversation.
Listening intently to Christy's tales of her ten year anniversary trip to St. Lucia... or finding out how Melissa is doing now that she's back to work again... and absorbing advice from Sherri passed on from her mother.

Simply Decadent.

Now occasionally The Hubby picks up my camera. And he has an annoying fascination with doing face shots.
All face shots.
Usually up close and usually really awkward.
But if I did not give in to the nonsense, I would never have one picture of me, and so I endure because I know in those crappy piles of pictures is one moderately usable one.
Thanks Babe. In the meantime you have lost all camera privileges.

So I already wrote about my love of all things Toronto.
Well haven't I been spoiled. Because I got it TWICE in one week!

And this time I am showing you a new part of Toronto.
The Distillery District. Where cobblestone streets have no name.... (again, never mind.)

This is where the artists gather and where beauty is gawked at by visitors from far and wide.
It hosts some of the best galleries in the city and has some of the best eats in all of the city.

It is also where I had my first beer. This past Saturday. And it was Raspberry. That's just how I roll.
Hubby and I trotted down to have a drink with the most awesome (loud, annoying, talented, "confident", kind) brother I have. Well, the only one.
He turned twenty last week.
Happy Birthday PS.


Since the sky hadn't darkened yet we mosied along to Ben and Emma's to celebrate their new fab, Hottest Spot on The Danforth apartment. And for those of you who don't know The Danforth is one of the most colourful areas in Toronto.

I caved and had two glasses of punch while we were there. We then looked up Awkward Family Photos and I cried and peed my pants a little. Someone then mentioned that Ben added a little more than an acceptable amount of ??? to the punch.
Yet today I still find this pic hilarious. And I thought MY wedding photos were lame. BAA!


  1. Rebecca you looked beautiful and very sweet. I am glad you had a good time. Loved the dress! I couldn't stop eating those curry chicken sandwiches!

  2. loving your photos. they are beautiful and interesting. interesting is the most fun! are you kidding me with that feather in your hair. so pretty!!!

    high tea with friends sounds dreamy! and canada pics...hello, i'm going! those stone streets. yum.

    sorry hubby is gone, but five days is doable i guess. you rock in the wife dept. i can tell these things:)