Saturday, June 26, 2010

Falling Into Place.

I came upstairs two nights ago after a lovely creative/inspiring gab session with a friend till the wee hours and I found this...

And then this...

Last night it took almost 3 hours for the small children to head off into la la land.
Then at midnight The Prince woke up and said that he liked our bed better.
I like him in his bed better. Especially when those small adorable feet lay a nasty kick to the face at 4am.
Tonight we try again!

The Hubby flew in at noon yesterday and I was prepared for insane amounts of traffic due to the G20 so I left 1.5 hours early.
I got there 1.5 hours early.
I parked in the cell phone waiting lot (free) and took a nice nap after exhausting all entertainment apps on my iPhone.

It's good to have him home. For four more days... Then he leaves for three weeks... Wowzers. I plan on rocking out every second and draining all reinforcements.

It's just so normal to have him barbecuing and beating up the BBQ sauce bottle for the very last drip.

We tried to enjoy the little bit of heat that has made it through the tremendous rain we've been having but a couple of bites into the hot dogs and a charming baby raccoon made it's way down our tree to check out the menu. Damn raccoons. I hate raccoons with the fire of a thousand suns. Since we know that Mama raccoon is the size of a black bear we ditched the breezy deck and settled for the kitchen table with the ceiling fan on. Lame. Damn raccoons.

The Princess's hair is now finally long enough to braid. Just not long enough to hold it. Cute eh?

My world feels balanced again. Now if only I could make The Munchkin's fighting stop. Seriously.

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  1. lol I totally misread that and thought you said that the PRINCE's hair was long enough to braid. Whoops. She's adorable! (So is he heehee)
    p.s. Oldest prince likes to go into Baby prince's room to entertain him in the morning before I wake up. I've found him in his crib even, snuggled up with him. It's the cutest thing. As soon as Baby prince sleeps through every night, I think we'll put them together too. I loved when I had a roommate. Hopefully your munchkins will settle down into the new routine.