Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Routine? What's Routine?

Hubby is home. He has been for a few days now.
The Kiddos adored him for about 5 minutes and then the sandbox won over their short attention span.
That was a good sign. No freak-outs or melt-downs or clingy attachments. Although I have been quite bluntly informed that only Daddy is allowed to push them on the swing. I'm okay with that. I sit back on my butt and take pics while he does all the work!

Each day has become randomly filled with chaos and living, with our only routine being breakfast before 8am and bed by 7pm. (Okay in a perfect world it's 7pm. And sometimes our world hits the perfect mark. Only sometimes.)

It's different with Hubby home.
I'm used to doing it all and being in high gear. But I can breathe. And yet I'm still feeling geared up.
Granted this is only the second time we've had to do the swing from single parenting to pairing off.
My mind is taking time to settle.
A little more than I anticipated.
But heck, I usually don't anticipate change.
It just shows up like a cousin from out of town that though you're happy to see, you weren't prepared to blow up that mattress in the middle of your living room for two weeks. And while the company may be great it takes a couple of days before you stop stubbing your toe on the misplaced coffee table and forget about the extra toothpaste drool in the sink.

Not my strongest character trait.

No complaints here. Just stating the facts.
I like this insanity of ups and downs and randomly fun days dropping everything to go to the Beaches or practicing "yoga" with my Sis on a boardwalk, skinny jeans on and Starbucks in hand.
Don't get me wrong. That's awesome at awesomes best.
I'm just learning to let go of set plans.
I hate that word.
And though I don't mind the complete and utter lack of routine, flexibility? Well that's entirely different. At least in my mind.

Right now I'm a bit of a jumbled mess, and while I suppose that being who I am, I will always be a messy sort of a gal, I am aiming towards functionality, calm and altogether understanding that I need to enjoy the journey even if the sideroads are a little rough on the backside.
My backside can handle it.


  1. I like seeing this many pics of you! You're looking as fab as ever Babe!

  2. you must have a DSLR camera right?? it takes really good photos, and vibrant!!

  3. Yes... It's a Nikon D3000 and I'm in love! Still learning "how" to use it though ;)