Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Spite Of The Rain We Ate A Tiffany's Box.

Meet Liam.
Yesterday we went to Liam's first birthday party.
A year since I was THERE and SAW (quite close up, considering I was holding his dear mommy's head in my lap as she BIRTHED him) this precious boy take his first precious breath.
It was an experience like nothing else and though I could attempt to have words explain the depth of emotion, exhaustion and joy that he brought, I am sure they would fail.
Instead I'll stick to

As I sit here writing this I am listening to the rain bucket down from the heavens with the breeze blowing a faint mist on my hands through the open window above me.
It's been like this all weekend.
The dry and hot summer predicted seems to have swapped places with the damp and cold Spring that we so happily said goodbye to.
Pool party was ditched in favour of warmer, indoor glitter crafts and comfy couches.
The "men" stood outside and barbecued while we "women" huddled under roofs with the young ens.
It was a great time.
And again, I realized the time warp we live in. There have been many moments of awakening and taking it all in. I'm learning. Always.


Oh and My Robin.
To be married to charming Paul this August 7th. And I get to glam up and stand alongside her.
She is amazing, beautiful and the most loving human being.
She hates socks passionately, has difficulty saying no, is the child whisperer and never minds getting her hands messy.

She is pure joy.

Today I got to attend the stunning bridal shower that her family-to-be held for her.
Man, I love Italians. I have seriously decided that all my single friends must marry Italians so I can attend more of these delectable events.
First came the hor'derves, then the drinks, then the THREE COURSE meal (which at first I thought meant an appetizer, the main course and dessert, how wrong was I!). I was entirely unable to finish without spoiling the space preserved for the TIFFANY'S CAKE so I held off on the veal (or was it chicken?).

Most of the Bridal Party.

And pockets in dresses. Why would anyone every make a dress without?

Edible pearls. Oh so spectacular.

This family adores her.
She will be loved doubly because she already comes from a wonderful family.
It's special to see two families make a commitment to one another to support the individuals they hold so dear.

I feel good, and slightly overstuffed.
(But heck, the hostess gave us take out boxes to bring home desserts. I'm feeling the urge to raid my cupcakes right now! The gym will be there tomorrow, thank goodness, cause I'll need it!)


  1. LOVE, love & l.o.v.e.
    happy 1st liam!
    SO excited for beautiful robin and paul...

    once again, love.

  2. :)!! Thanks Steph! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I'm poretty sure ive shared the link with everyone i know. Beck, you are a talented photographer,AND BLOGGER!! Thank you for taking all these awesome pics.You and yr family are suchn a blessing
    to our life and I LOVE EACH OF YOU beyond the description of words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rebecca your pictures are just amazing, you are so talented!!!!!!