Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hottest Spot On The Danforth.

I would live in this apartment if I could.
If Emma and Ben wouldn't notice me taking over their awesome pad with my LOUD Hubby and even LOUDER Spawn.
I am in love.
I am in love with the grey and red and purple and turquoise walls.
I am in love with the paintings and constant glowing candles and loose leafed tea that is offered to all who enter.
I am in love with the bright coloured chairs and the barn wood table top.
The list could go on... I mean the shower stall itself is less like a stall and more like a slice of bathing heaven... mosaic tiles I dream about!

Yet the splendidness of the space doesn't compare to the company that merge in this place and the hospitality that is automatically granted.

I adore The Hubby. But he is just that. The Hubby.
I NEED my girlfriends.
I NEED my tea and my bitching (oops) and my uplifting and my jolt of fab that only a group of rather stunning friends provides.

So I ditched said Hubby, with said Spawn, and I gorged on way, way too many deep fried vegetable spring rolls dipped in sweet and sour sauce at a little Thai place a hop, skip and a jump away.

When the poor waiter (obviously son of the owner) looked entirely tormented by our gab and giggles and eye rolling we abandoned ship and went to the most wonderful land of comfy couches and cheese and crackers. (Although we passed on cheese and crackers due to the mass belly swelling that gorging on CABBAGE filled spring rolls will cause.)

Hours passed quite quickly and all the small irritants in life that build up to be a large frustration, dissipated in the joy of the company and understanding from an estrogen filled room.

It is one of the best remedies for a heavy heart, or stressed mind, or tired eyes...

One Dose Of Estrogen Filled Room Coming Right Up.

Side Effects: Male avoidance, full bladders (tea) and happiness that spills into tomorrow.
Prescription required.


  1. i think i am at the right place!!! i love the new look!
    dude, i hear ya. i love me my man, but girlfriends are like so so so important! i hear ya sister.

    you are so funny. i love this blog and all your musings. is hubby back now?