Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Foster Five...

My Dad got his payback today.
At the end of the looong evening he pointed his skinny finger and my Sis, Bro and me and laughing said "This is payback for all YOUR graduations I had to sit through! Payback!"

What made it so much more hilarious is that all these years he silently endured the painful seats and dreary speech's with nigh a complaint.
And yet it was brewing... all along.

My Dad graduated with Honours as a Personal Support Worker.
It's kind of cool.
He will be caring for people which is what makes him happiest, hence the Pastoring for decades before this...

And it was also cool to see him as a peer to others rather than as a father.

I kind of felt like I had swapped roles and instead of my parents intently watching my interactions with others with the pride of "aw she's making friends" I was doing that with my Dad. He was a natural... (wink)

I love my family. We have a very unique closeness that I cherish.
But we never take family photos.
We just forget.
My Mom will now show this picture off for the next ten years until we remember it's been awhile and line up again...

Dad, I'm proud of you.
In every way.


  1. i can't get over how big your 'little' brother is now!! and that he's 20!

  2. Beautiful blog Bec! Brought ntears to my eyes. BIG congratulations to your dad!!!! His smile lights up an entire room, u can tell he's happpy!!!
    :) and i like the fam photo.. u should do them more often! ;)