Thursday, June 24, 2010

Making It Work?

Welcome to my new work space.
I've officially taken over The Prince's bedroom. Nice mom right?...
Solely because The Hubby's gear has taken over the rest of the house, including my former work space. (And kitchen and living room, and family room and hallways and laundry room.) Our reality of buying a bigger home hasn't yet caught up with the need for a bigger home. Crowding is to be expected to an extent in a townhouse. To an extent. Not being able to reach the front door due to flight cases piled sky high, slightly excessive.

And I have spent days this week doing business setup. It kind of freaks me out, simply because everything beyond the creative is like trying to read Latin. Yes, assume that I know nothing about Latin.

CherryApple Art Accessories has taken off in an unexpected way, requiring me to pull in the reigns a bit to restart it all properly.
A little overwhelming.
Funny how even wonderful changes can cause anxiety.
So this morning, after crying over the disaster my kitchen was in and the mess of papers and ribbons and scissors and glue guns and jewels that were inhibiting breakfast eating, I slumped.
In other words I could not find the courage to even begin to tidy one thing.
A chat with my MIL later, who gave the advice of putting the Nutty Munchkins in the same room and taking over more space, I was set.
My Dad trotted off to the park with children in tow and I had two rooms completely redone sans new paint job in under two hours.
I am pleased.
Though as I sit here "watching" The Kiddos NOT go to sleep I am thinking that I will have to sacrifice earlier evenings and quiet bedtimes for the new office I adore.
Oh, and tidiness.
Their room went from that to that in a matter of seconds.
Thank goodness for a door.


  1. I love it! I didn't even recognize Prince's old room! Yay for an "office". It's so nice to be able to leave unfinished projects out and close the door and come back to them later.

    I've heard that once the novelty of being in the same room wears off, they'll sleep better. Once the baby's older we plan to do the same thing.


  2. Well first night=failure... jumping, kicking, crying, giggling until 10:30 when they both passed out in MY bed... tomorrow we try again!

  3. I think it's a great idea, Bek, and the "office" looks great. Mellow and calming. Enjoy!