Thursday, August 12, 2010

Potty Humour.

Yesterday Daddy needed us out of the house for a few hours so he could make the dozens of phone calls that had been put off that morning due to EXTREMELY LOUD children.
So I called up Auntie Anna.
The day was perfect for sprinkler running and we nibbled on cheese and crackers while the monsters ran every bit of energy out of their jumpy little bodies.
It was great.

And it was filled with comparisons of raising kindergartners.
I shared my embarrassing story and Anna shared hers.
Since mine is mine to tell I can tell you... Hers is for her telling alone...

The other night I was mid PJ - story time - stop killing each other bedtime routine.
Now Mr. Prince had decided that getting up multiple times a night and waking early to listen to music on the Mac is what all the cool kids are doing.
I say otherwise. Gently I informed him that he would not be crawling into our bed in the wee awful hours of the morning only to spontaneously kick (mostly me) in the face.
He replied...

"Is it because Daddy wants to touch your boobies?"

I died.
I called for The Hubby to come up from downstairs insisting that it was a PARENTAL EMERGENCY of EPIC PROPORTIONS.
He came, and I told him the conversation that had just ensued.
He died.

The Prince has been a boob man since infancy. Not a Mommy's boob kind of kid... No no, mine are far too small... More of a Well-Endowed Boob Lover. All of my Well-Endowed friends have been mauled. He doesn't discriminate. So long as their sufficiently plump.

But this almost five year olds statement? It seems to be the running trend.

And it became apparent over their snack time after sprinkler running, that potty humour is a hot topic. The giggles that emerged over comments like "Poo Poo Head" and "Pee Pee Brain" were comparable to the giggles that we have over Boobies comments from our children.

Apparently though, this is JUST THE BEGINNING.

Oh and we corrected him by telling him, that in fact our bed is just not big enough for a terrorizing pit bull of a boy to share it with us. I'm completely unprepared for this parenting thing.


  1. hahaha I don't have time to tell my story (running out the door right now) but you can go ahead if you like.
    Oh, and sorry I forgot to take a pic of the 3 of you together!

  2. Okay, I finally have time and remembered to comment for the laughing pleasure of your other viewers :)

    Hubby told our 5 year old to stop jumping on the bed. 5 year old replied, "but you do it!" Great big "huh?" from hubby so he explained, "I hear you and mommy jumping on the bed."

    Um yeah, just when you think it's safe because the kids are sleeping, it's not necessarily!