Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ice Cream Fix.

On a last minute whim I headed into The City to see Emma.
It has been a looonnnggg few days around here, and since life has decided to make living a little more frustrating I am deciding to tell life to "SUCK IT" and making my own fun.

The fans are blowing 24/7 along with the dehumidifier so I bailed on any more house work and trotted off for some delicious spring rolls and Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream. (I am using up all Daddy Duty IOU's for the short time that's left before the NEXT tour.) Did I mention that my mouth was thrilled with my decision. It was like "YOU DA BOMB!" And I was like "Yeah, sometimes I rock."

It was another lovely August night so we walked down the Danforth and popped in and out of dream housewares boutiques. I almost bought a turquoise wooden 1.5ft tall duck. For my kitchen table of course. It even had a name, Abigail I think? It was charming and unusual and completely unnecessary so my wise brain trumped my whimsy and I left Abigail remaining with her other duck friends.

Never before have I had ice cream mixed on a slab with gummie bears thrown in.
I learned two things.
First, I love mushed chocolate ice cream with red, white and yellow gummies to chew.
Second, I hate mushed chocolate ice cream with green gummies to chew.

And it just so happened that the night before at Milestones I painted my nails SEAFOAM. Yes, in the restaurant. The nail polish was too sublime to pass up. Then I woke up yesterday and randomly picked a pair of earrings I hadn't worn in weeks. Halfway through the day I realized that I subconsciously matched the two. The cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart thought I was just that coordinated. Ha.
Thanks Emma for the blistered feet, well worth it... Thanks Amanda for the nail polish... And Jules you'd better be impressed you coordinating queen you...


  1. Mmmm I love Marble Slab/Cold Stone Creamery...yum yum! Hope you're doing well lady. I pop by here every once in awhile, just thought I should let you know! Come check out my blog

  2. I am so impressed!!

    ...and also jealous of the gummy bears and sprinkles and ice cream. I would like to visit this Cold Stone Creamery one day!