Friday, August 13, 2010


After writing about boobies and little boys who kick nice Mommies in the face I got a good dose of "HAHA". (Think The Simpsons...)

At 1am a 45lb kid jumped into our bed. From that point on I saw every hour on the clock.
I quite possibly could have moved him back into his bed somewhere around 4am but you know when you're just THAT deliriously tired? All rational thinking ceases to exist.
I face planted on the floor twice and at one point thought that my newly fixed front tooth had been chipped yet again. I may or may not have sworn at that point.

This morning. I am slightly irritable. And slightly dazed.

So today Land of Internet Abyss:
"The Prince is a lovely, charming, perfectly well behaved boy WHO SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT IN HIS OWN BED!!!"
Got it? Good. Now to make it through the next 15 hours left of my day.

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