Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Date With A Prince.

Yesterday a shorter version of The Hubby (only with my dimple) and I headed downtown on the GO to visit Sick Kids Hospital.
Nothing special, just a redo of some blood work.
Let me tell you, it is a blessing to say that it's nothing special, because almost three years ago it was a BIG deal to be rushed down there.
The incredible, fantabulous doctors and nurses there made sure our Princess came home healthy and happy to us. Them and a small miracle and a whole lot of prayers.
There are many precious children there who are battling far more crisis's than we have, those kids are amazing.

So we were gonna have fun!
He was as charming as you'd expect a Prince to be.
He held my hand so I wouldn't get lost.
He made sure I laughed and got my funny picture taken too.
He asked me to tell a little boy crying in the waiting room, that all was just fine because after the needle they give you a toy. (Only now they don't. You get a sticker. Rip Off.)
He had lunch with me, though the random Beer Pong game on my iPhone was more interesting.
He got me to buy him a car because it would make me smile......
He said please and thank you when a family friend surprised us with lunch and treats for the ride home (Thanks Chris, BEST pretzels ever and Cherry inhaled the cookies!)
He yelled "CHOO CHOO" on the platform at Union Station in case any other passengers didn't know what the train sounded like as it approached.
He told me his back hurt and his hip hurt, because he wants to be JUST LIKE Noe and Popops. I told him he's got another 55 years to go before he can start using that excuse.
He pointed out the lake as we passed by so I wouldn't miss seeing the blue water.
He had me carry him up the stairs (only once) because I needed a hug.
He lead me on the foot print path through the hospital so I wouldn't miss the Blood Clinic.
And he lavished me in smiles and hand squeezes all day, because didn't you know, it's not COOL to kiss too much in public.
I love having a Prince for a son. Call me one blessed Momma.

Then I got the pleasure of coming home to finger lickin' cuteness, a trampoline treat, and a Daddy who rocked bedtime so this tired Momma got a night out.
My sweet life...

Just trying to work on The Princess not being such a Diva.
I have NO IDEA where she gets it.
Do Not Say One Word.


  1. oh no, this made me cry.
    LOVE that boy & girl more than anything.
    such a beautiful post babes.