Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why I Look Forward To Getting Old.

I don't mean just older. No, not just turning 30 or 40 or 50.
I really look forward to 40 because I am determined to be the hottest 40 year old to walk the face of the earth. (No, not in the Heidi Montag/Pratt way either.) As in I have 14 years to getting around to working my a$$ off. I need that much of a head start. I suffer from slight-chronic-laziness.

I mean that I truly look forward to being vintage.
Where my hands are wrinkled and soft.
When I will laugh at people who want to be the hottest 40 year old on the face of the earth.
While I can still be entirely independent and inspire others with my overflowing well of wisdom and love.

I look forward to being like my Gran.

I spent the better part of the day with her. Better being because it was with her (and not screaming, tantruming, overtired children). No, I'm kidding, (not about the screaming, tantruming, overtired children part) spending time with her is by far the best time ever. Period.
It helps that she's the most wonderful woman ever.
And she bribed me with Smarties as a child. Totally worked.

I watched her today.
I watched the way she was always polite to others. Even when they were abrupt with her.
I watched her grin and bear it. Even when she was uncomfortable.
I watched her gingerly but stubbornly insist on being generous to a a fault. Even when I argued. (But she was the one I inherited my stubbornness from, so I lost. Thanks Gran...)
I watched her as she spoke so lovingly of my Mom and my Kiddos.
I watched as she walked, determined, for hours, at 91 years and 4 months of age, because she'll have time later to rest.

Most importantly though, I listened. I listened because I'd be damn stupid if I didn't.

I look forward to being 91 years and 4 months old. And I certainly hope by that time I have a granddaughter who adores me the way I adore her. (I plan on using Smarties.)


  1. Awesome!! how lucky we are to have grans in our lives...xoxo

  2. I love your Gran as much as another wonderful woman Mom. I will never forget their dance!!! Spine chilling and a tear jerker ~ pure bliss and wonderfullness!! God Bless her!


  3. I want to become that old too. I want to become that reserved yet determined. Your Gran reminds me of my Gramma (bless her). Mine used coins in the fingers of our gloves or slices of Golden Delicious apple, though, not smarties;)

  4. when i'm old, i'm going to milk it and be the meanest, most old-manish old man alive. people aren't going to wish to be old based on me. i plan on...
    yelling at children who play on my lawn, falling asleep in chairs in random places, making people give up their seat for me, forcing people to relive my boring stories with me, liberally using the word "whippersnapper" and the phrase "when i was your age", farting in public and pretending like it didn't happen, making people repeat themselves even if i heard them the first time, pulling up my pants as high as i comfortably can and insisting that everyone else wears them too low, being suspicious of teenagers, complaining about the government, and other such things of stereo-typed old man crotchetiness.
    BUT, i will remember that you plan on being a nice old lady, and will come see you and old-man Josh and inflict my crotchetiness on you to see if if you became the sweet old lady you wish to be, and to help you in that journey by making you put up with me. :)

    keep blogging Becca, it's great!


  5. She's not just a great Granmother - she's a fantastic Aunt cum cousin too!!!

  6. Rebecca that post was beautiful. I don't even know your grandmother and I want to be just like her!