Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Barbed Wire And Gas Mask Awesomeness.

(First things first.
This post has become a ridiculous demonstration of stubbornness.
TWO HOURS to loads images. TWO HOURS.
Stupid Internet.)

Now that that's out of my system...
The day was just too crazy, amazing, unusual to NOT share and show!

The Kiddos and I went to watch the newest video shoot for "Fire In The Kitchen" off Manafest's latest album.

The Hubby got to be a rockstar... along with all the other rockstars.
Sweet set... Jail cells, barbed wire, a noose, gas masks and rifles.

Needless to say I HAD to get fab pics of The Kiddos running around this madness and somewhere in there I kind of caught the feel of the day...

Honestly speaking, there have been a few (okay, okay, MANY) days where I (may) have complained about the fact that The Hubby is a musician. Usually on days where I have been subject to the same guitar rift for 12 consecutive hours, or on nights where gear gets piled up to ceiling height in our small hallway after a gig(which is also some major square footage of our kitchen), but I always go to the shows I can and I am definitely his biggest, if not loudest fan.

So on Sunday morning I will drive his cute butt to the airport, stick him on a plane and then be SUPER MOM alone for the next 12 days while he does what he does best. (Next to diaper changing and tickle monstering.)

I can do this? i can do this. I CAN DO THIS!

The thing is he needs to do this... and I think he is too talented and incredible to keep in my pocket. I figure God stuck us together, meaning The Big Man Himself better give me some extra grace and patience and then we'll be just fine.

Did you hear that God... Seriously extra... Like Super Size it.

Gradually we're adjusting to this change and watching Daddy in rockstar mode was perfect for The Prince to understand why he'll be read stories over Skye for a little while.

(Cherry cuddling with Mariana)

(The perfect setting for a family photo)

(What happens when Ryan isn't fed on time)

(The Princess wanting to be one of the Big Girls)


(Why we left 15 minutes later... Boredom setting in)

(Mel? Is that you?)

(Dude on a roof)


"Hello Life.
I'm getting used to the curveballs you send our way, and I actually kind of like this one................Thanks."


  1. Not gonna lie i checked yr blog when i got home and wasa dissapointed to see no new blog and waas gonna send u a message something to the effect of " i kno yr hubby's a rockstar but...im here waiting to read " lol.. Then at last i checked again and WALLA!!! Beautifl pics. Cherries finger up her nose.. yea thats my fav!! God will give u an extra dose of grace, Im sure!! everythig will be just fine!!

  2. Oh dear. I'm also sans hubby for most of the next 2 months or so. May be time to beg Grandma to spend her air miles on season passes to the zoo lol! It's for the kids, I swear ;)


  3. these pics are great. i totally felt like i was there. super cool space with that light and mystery and all. so so so cool.

    yes, you are a rockstar mom! you are!!!! i'm without the hubs for two weeks as well, so i willbe thinking of you and sending you keep-it-together vibes. lord knows i need it!!!

    good job on the photos. love them.