Monday, April 12, 2010

Homage To Box Colour...

Filing taxes sucks... and while waiting for things to upload or download or load diapers, sheer boredom urged me to plod through years worth of insane photo booth distorted images.

I realized that we used the Apple camera more than the Sony and hence have a huge chunk of our life with itty bitty Kiddos all stuck in between pictures of The Hubby picking his nose upside down and Sis making sure her cleavage looked good. (Sadly she and I inherited a small bust so making it look good is worth the hard effort.)

I also realized that I have photo documented evidence of why the super amazing hairdresser extraordinaire Sis REFUSES to let me go within 30 feet of the boxed hair dye at the drugstore.

Now looking back over years of damage... She may have a point...

In between the short and long and black and blond there was a whole lot of laughter... Many sleepless nights... diapers in the thousands... dozens of songs written... hundreds of meals cooked and a hefty flow of wine...

(Stuck in a hospital for days will do this to you.)

Occasionally not enough sleep and too much wine flowing...

(Chopped 12 inches off this length that very night.)

(What can I say? My brother got the other end of the gene pool.)

(Super amazing hairdresser extraordinaire Sis)

Tomorrow... or the next day... will come thoughts on friendship and God and this crazy beautiful life but for now I must indulge in a second glass, curl up with my book and recover from taxes and photo booth trauma.


  1. your hair really does look beautiful with any colour! i really love it in the dark haired photo of just you...just above the one where you said you chopped 12 inches off after the photo was taken. that colour is gorgeous!!

  2. rocker chick shot is pretty cool!!!
    love the sis pics and all of these photos! you girls are beautiful!