Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spider Man... Butt Cracks?

(Sunshine love)

The Hubby and I stole a Date Night last night to go see Date Night the movie. It was STUPID awesome. If you have ever slammed your shin on an open drawer thanks to man-brilliance, you will laugh your ass off in this movie... (No kidding I think I now have abs of steel. And shins that look like they were in a war with leprechauns carrying big sticks.)

Date night is only really truly a date when it means no parenting for the rest of the 8 hours following, (you should be sleeping ;)) or the next (early) morning.

Well we came home fed, and happy to go to bed.
First The Prince woke up at 12am...
Then The Princess decided it was playtime at 2am until she was put back in her room at 5am to figure it out herself...
The Prince then woke up again at 5:30am and like a cat, sprawled out across our heads...
By 6:30am he was asleep... finally...
At 7am my sis called from her car parked outside to remind me that she was here for our early morning haircuts before she ran off to work.

...There is something really important you should know...

I GREATLY DISLIKE my(all) children between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

I am understanding when a fever or puking is involved in the sleeplessness. I am not a cruel person.


Alas I am here, and awake, and sharing with you a snapshot of reality...

The Prince wearing his new (thanks Grandma) rain boots at all times of the day...

"Spider Man" helping Daddy iron his clothes.

And the true, deep and rewarding love between this adorable brother and his darling sister.

(First trip to the dentist)

(Baby love. For someone else's baby)

(cousin love)

(Carb love)

(neighbour love)

(Daddy multitasking. And he says he can't do it...)

(Butt Cracks run in the family apparently)

(Extreme fear of bugs)

(Before the sleep depravation, while still enjoying Date Night)

The sun has found it's way back to our little part of the world but forgot that it's also supposed to bring warmth.
Instead we are bundled up in February attire determined to get fresh air and make the most of Spring.
Life is (tired but) rich.


  1. I quite love that March is over and warm (ok rainy too) April has shown it's face. It looks like you are all already enjoying the lake. :)
    I love the rain gear... let's hope it rains atleast once.. ( YES i said that tO YOU) ..for your own benefit.. less need to wear it indoors ofcourse!
    XO OX

  2. oh and one more thing.. Date night looks GREAT on you!