Thursday, April 8, 2010

While The Prince Is Away The Girlies Will Play. And Then He Comes Home...

April showers arrived in True North Strong And Free form. Cold blistery winds with downpours that make the lullaby patter on the roof cause me to be in constant need of a nap.

The last few days have dragged on between 12 hour shifts for The Hubby, making long days for me and The Kiddos; and dental appointments, MOPS, chiropractor appointments and dinner with friends.

Today is another 12 hour dreaded day but I think I'm getting used to remaining in PJ's all day and drinking copious amounts of coffee while watching Johnny Test and The Imagination Movers. Rainy days ain't so bad with Disney. That is if the satellite doesn't go down... oh, great, now I'm worried.

The Princess and I get a snippet of the day to ourselves almost every morning. During which I read my newspaper and she eats her oatmeal slower than a launch schedule for NASA.
Then she plays dress up, we paint nails and occasionally we play with play dough. Shiver. (Play dough is wretched. I don't know why but I cannot stand the stuff... hence the "occasionally".)

Whatever we do it is a quiet time of day where I don't have to referee or be asked "what's to eat" (Insert whine here)... (The Prince asks this every other word. In the same way that a pirate drops an f*** bomb every other word, The Prince has a f***ood bomb every other word... just as annoying.)

But everyday lunchtime arrives and the madness of sibling rivalry begins. Yet they can be the cutest munchkins on the planet. They adore the snot out of each other and would go to the moon and back if it would make the other smile... And then they would pinch... Just for the hell of it.

Since Grandma Mac gave The Princess new Pj's they're all she'll wear... I'm going to have to start hiding them.


  1. Gotta love the 80's headband!!! Adorable!

  2. I was just thinking yesterday, one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to a child is a sibling. Pinches and all :)