Saturday, April 3, 2010

Getting Lost On My Own Terms.

It's Easter weekend.
I haven't stopped moving.
I am pooped.
But it's been rich.
There's no denying that.

(Jenna and Mike. Love them. We always have our best meals with them.)

(Making sure the earplugs don't come out.)

(My Rockstar Hubby. So Sexy.)

(Loving my mother-in-law's amazing camera. Can you see how much fun I'm having?)

(We had planned on The Prince attending university but it appears that he has a natural talent for plumbing.)

(Talia and her BIG puppy Pat and little puppy Coco.)

We have flown kites and tackled the playground.
We've built sandcastles and lost buckets.
We've chatted with neighbours and planned out the garden.
We've gone to gigs and BBQ'd steaks for the first time this year.
We've worn flip flops and gone without sweaters.
We've been to farmland and bought fresh eggs.
We've run in fields and pretended to drive tractors.
We've held baby chicks and poked bunnies.
We've thought of Good Friday and Easter Monday and all it means to us.
We have sucked every bit of fun from every day for the last week and now every bit of my energy has been sucked dry.


  1. Love love love xo

  2. love the shoe shots and the samdwich shot...but go figure, those two things are a couple of my favorite things!!!

    butt it!
    happy easter!

  3. One of my favourite posts yet! MISS YOU!!!!!!