Monday, March 29, 2010

Rockstars And Jelly Beans.

Lately I had given up on making dinner when The Hubby was working the later shift or at a gig.
A hot stove or oven was like a magnet, The Kiddos inevitably wanted to play RIGHT IN THE KITCHEN the second it was on.
But after watching Jamie Oliver on Oprah the other day, I was inspired. (And who wouldn't be, that man is wo-n-derful!) So out came the butter knives and two potatoes and voila! Entertainment and a home cooked meal! The Princess lost interest after 5 minutes and then went off to find a new pair of socks (happens multiple times a day) but The Prince, Oh The Prince, he was completely absorbed in his cutting and dicing for 35 minutes!
Genius. Sheer and utter genius.

While I was on a roll being super mom out to conquer the world and all, I decided that it wasn't unfathomable that I could manage TWO children at a concert. Right?

Sunday night came and since The Hubby was doing setup and loaning gear, myself and the mini munchkins were VIP guests for the evening (along with all the other VIP guests).
My children are kind of known for their energy and vivaciousness, as well and their superb ability to out run any adult within a five mile radius, but you play music in front of them, especially at higher decibels, and they become the most well behaved youngsters on the planet!

Put on a sports game for them and their attention wains within seconds. Put on a rock show for them and they become students of ROCK. It's so intense that I definitely see rockstar camp in their futures.

I was thrilled that The Hubby does "all that jazz" because it meant that I had the joy, nay, the privilege of enjoying the warmth of indoor heating while all other spectators froze in the nasty MARCH rain.
Later though, I had the "joy" of smelling 1200 wet teenagers wafting through my nostrils. Life has a way of getting you, eh? (Yes, eh seemed appropriate here. Deal with it. I AM CANADIAN.)

And The Prince found the treats set out for the band and inhaled (literally) three red jellybeans...=...Jumping off the walls for the next few days. DAYS I TELL YOU.

The most lovely moment of the weekend though, beyond middle of the night coffee with friends and potato chopping with The Kiddos and a Starfield concert, was waking up this Monday morning to The Hubby making me bacon and eggs... Love him.

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  1. Ohh the smell of bacon and eggs when you wake up in the morning. That is very sweet Rebecca. I love that your children a mini rock stars in the making. Maybe they will be the next Donnie and Marie... (more rock and roll though.) I hope you get the reference. Otherwise, I will feel very old!