Monday, March 22, 2010

Buttons Make The World Go 'Round.

Sunday came in like a lion and out like a lamb.

There were cartoons and cat fights, pancakes and magazines, screaming and biting, snuggles and "I'm sorry"s.

Drowning in the chaos of our home reached an all time high, so armed with vim bleach and a broom I took control and saw to it that the first leg of Spring Cleaning was accomplished. Even have the bags in the back of the car waiting to go to Goodwill to prove it.

To ready myself for this massive task I dressed in a favourite summer shirt and put on my newest treat (love Robin), ginormous pink button earrings... It was a maid's dream uniform and I trumped every maid that ever existed. (Maybe.)

But I have two rabid bunnies under the age of 4.5 and when finished I couldn't see where I started and was already losing sight of where I finished. The house looked the same as before.

It is really only in the slowly warming climate that I get like this.
It's the hope of bringing out the summer wardrobe and shoving the winter gear in a box under the stairs to be forgotten for the next 5 months.
It's the desire to open windows and let the breeze sweep through our home and bring with it the beach scent that only comes with spring rain.
It's the intense desire to have morning coffee on the back deck even if it means frostbitten fingers and nose.
I am coming to a breaking point.
It's STILL March. (Argh.)

I have been trying to come up with something to do this afternoon.
I am coming up empty.
I have a snotty Princess who coughs like a drunken sailor every few minutes and a Prince who has emptied EVERY SINGLE bin of toys that exists and now I cannot find walking room anywhere! I am feeling like a claustrophobic giraffe stuffed into a washing machine with a load of towels.

I am actually allowing my children to push each other around in a stroller through the kitchen to attempt to burn up energy. (Enter Crazytown NOW.)

I knew despite my pumped up warnings that this day would come.
Even down to forgetting that it was class parent duty today and racing in and out of the shower in minutes to make it to The Prince's JK room to sit and cut out eggs for an Easter craft. Funny thing is there was no where else I would've rather been.

April is looking to have some nuttiness all it's own with thrilling new adventures and challenges that have never been faced. But I think I could also say that about May, June, July and August.
Life. Still getting used to it. (25 years later.)

On this rainy, cold and cooped up day I needed a reminder of flowers and flip flops and that dress at H&M that is on my (long, and rapidly growing) list of must haves.
But since I am house bound I thought I'd share some more of The Spring Collection.
I'll be found rocking these pieces at the lake in about a month. Possibly less. Snow or no snow. Wearing pink ginormous button earrings.

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  1. I totally agree, March needs to leave allowing spring and summer to quickly follow. Yesterday I said, March then April...then August...Wishfull thinking.
    I absolutely love the new purple head piece!!!!! "To be seen at a lake Near you", SOOOOON!