Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warner Bros. Forever.

We have fought the springtime battle of the nasty cold/fever for over a week now. Today we emerged from the cocoon of the house and ventured into the world beyond.

Adding as much cheese as I can muster up on severe sleep deprivation, I felt like I became a little more of a butterfly just by association.

Not only did I get to laugh and gab with a group of women who amaze me every time I see them (MOPS) I also went to lunch at a friends home with them afterward.

I had been starting to feel like a deflated basketball... still in the game but losing the bounce-back.
They were air I needed today.
We run on empty so often as mothers, even more simply, as females. We give because it's the right thing to do. Because it's a pleasure to care for someone else, and because it's what's required.
But today we were all just a bunch of women sitting around a kitchen table giggling about vasectomies and pregnancy cravings and potty mouthed parents (my major downfall) and guilt over the daily F***ups we all have.

The group of us shaved off another layer of misconception that we like to imagine is truth. And it was amazing.
It's always amazing when you can be real with someone.

It's always amazing when you can be there for a friend. Heck, even for a person who isn't yet a friend but deserves tender loving care.
I find it to be one of the highest honours to be able to stand beside someone walking through the fire.
Especially considering in our little corner of the world we have collected the GREATEST women who exist.

For instance:
My neighbour who on top of raising her wonderful son, travels for a job she is passionate about and relentlessly will work to find a remedy for The kiddos when they're sick via thousands of text messages back and forth. No matter where she is in the world. She is the most dedicated neighbour and friend. (And I am super duper lucky that she's a great homeopath.)Texting her right now actually.

My Sis who dotes on her niece and nephew endlessly and who sent me a note about a quote that fit us perfectly... "You can kid the world but you can't fool your sister." The most true statement ever. Ever.

My Emma who overnight has gone from one job to top job not only because she is capable but because she is so lovely that she befriended her interviewer in a matter of minutes. Almost a decade later and she's still my rock.

My Tals who tonight made a hard but mature decision to trust her instincts in the face of heartbreak. She has more guts than she knows.

And though I would like to continue, I cannot capture the depth of what I am trying to say.

I will be a better woman tomorrow, for the love I had today.

And also if I get a good night's sleep.
But that's looking less likely.

After my last post I made a truce with my house. And the toy bins.
If I can get a couple of evenings a week to relax in a tidy home, I will give up on trying to maintain that high level of organization throughout the week.
It's a fair deal.
I had my lawyers approve it.
They decided my sanity got the best end of the bargain but the bins are satisfied too that their load is lightened for a few bonus hours.

In the meantime, while I wait for the papers to be drawn up regarding the peace treaty with the laundry, I am thinking that my brain is slowly unwinding like a spool of wool and I suck at knitting so it's time I stopped the spinning.

My Dad used to tell me that if I crossed my eyes long enough they would permanently stay that way.
As a mother I now know why he said that.
It was to stop us from looking like idiots in public.
I think I'm going to tell The Prince that if he doesn't stop screaming "MOMMY" his vocal cords are going to permanently stick on that word and he'll never be able to say "I want a cookie" again.


The evil genius also comes out with only 2-4 hours of sleep. And with the help of other conniving mothers.
Yes, on top of (cheesy) blossoming like flowers in each others company, we plot ways to torture our spawn and TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD NARF! (We're Pinky we're Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain.)

On that note, my rational has taken a back seat and I should go brush my teeth.
Or not.


  1. Rebecca, I love it. The bins drive me crazy too. I have yet to find a storage solution that works. I love that you felt the same vibes that afternoon. Can I say how much I love your sense of style. Do my house next. I have a budget of cookies & milk (non-organic). Thank you for being there for your soon to be friend. Sweetie!

  2. ha. funny post. my dad too, would tell us that our eyes would stick together.

    truce with the house. good. forget the house. it just gets cluttered with toys again and again. i do it at night!

    oh and good friends are the best. really and truly...i get what you are saying. it means everything!

  3. There will be plenty of time for a spotless house in oh... 16 or so years :)
    I LOVE that snuggle pic with the princess.