Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Calling All Rockstars.

For the last couple of weeks THIS album has been my music of choice.

Now remember, I am VERY picky about my music. I am even picky about The Hubby's music. I am the first person to critique, qualified or not. (And I only have the album before you do because The Hubby has two songs on it! One of the perks of marrying a BIG SHOT ;))

Manafest's new album The Chase is superb rock out, sing at the top of your lungs, dance while driving (or doing anything else) music and if you do not get it you're CRAAAZY!
One of those must own and well use albums.
Now go and do as I say! (Please.)

Pre-release is only $10 at www.manafest.net... countdown... two days!

(P.S. Manafest is also an incredibly awesome guy married to a super hot/funny Chick. Maybe it's just me but I like nice rockstars. Prima donnas, not so much...)


  1. i'll check it. the pictures on the post below are so artisitc!

  2. Lol thanks! It's amazing what an iPhone can do! Some day I'll get a better camera and then really have some fun!