Friday, March 12, 2010


Occasionally there are days that feel like they are over in one long blink.
Though I say occasionally, I can't remember the last time I had one of those blink-away days.

Today was packed...
Beach Friday for The Prince, Princess crankiness and giggles, time with (Auntie) Emma, errands, work, driving and family movie night.
Today was anything but wasted.
But I blinked.
And here I sit.

It was a rich day.
I learned a little bit more about me:

  • I learned that I am lousy when it comes to beach theme planning.(I sent a life jacket but forgot to send a towel. END OF THE WORLD.)
  • I still love shoes. And I have missed them greatly after living in boots for the last few months. (My toes crave air, even if it requires burning my feet with the heater in the car to make it feel like summer.)
  • I noticed that my Gran had sticky tac behind her frames holding them straight in her apartment so I copied her. Copying her always works in my favour.
  • I panic when doing anything business management related. An invoice almost sent me to the edge of an anxiety attack. I don't know why. If I knew why I would take care of it. So instead I raged all kinds of expletives at the laptop and let Emma distract The Kiddos while I looked for a paper bag. (Joking... sort of...)
  • I am figuring out who I am through my business. (You try walking into a boutique looking put together after receiving a disappointing/realistic first checklist for your child in JK. More nerve racking than my final grades in high school. It was called acting and I think I am heading straight down the red carpet baby!)
  • I learned that The Prince thinks Mommy is mean when she yells at THAT STUPID DRIVER WHO DECIDED THAT MERGING LANES MEANT (almost) STEERING INTO MY CAR!!! And that Mommy's should say they're sorry to THAT STUPID DRIVER.
  • I learned that Nickelodeon has pretty great movie choices on Friday nights.
  • And I learned that 7 pieces of pizza cause excruciating heartburn almost immediately.

Oh, maybe this is where I should mention that Lent is over for me. Like I said I'm Irish. Carbs and dairy are in my blood. I was doomed from the start.
Epic Fail.
(I am now going to avoid thinking about this food related cop out and go to bed.)

Today has vanished.


  1. You must have been driving in our part of town. My own King and Prince #1 almost got creamed by a bus driver.

    I'm impressed you made it this long. I would quite likely be in the hospital dying of malnutrition if I avoided carbs and dairy. I think we should celebrate lent being over (at least for you :D ) Tea and clotted cream and scones anyone? (since you missed out on family day :( )

    I am in AWE at your ability to look completely put together when everything's really a mess. You do deserve an oscar.



  2. Lol! I will take an Oscar from you anyday! Tea and clotted cream it is! Cannot wait to indulge in oowy gooy goodness.

  3. haha. omg this post made laugh. yes, it's been a long time since i last had a 'blink day' as well!

    hey, it looks like you do lots and lots on top of your mama duties. that means you rocked it all out.


  4. One rocking out day a week= pretty awesome week! :)