Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chandeliers, Pearls And Ribbons, OH MY!

The Princess has picked out her own clothes lately.
She empties all her drawers into the middle of her bedroom floor, looks for her Mini Mouse night shirt and her Disney princess sweat pants.
Unless I hide that shirt and those hot pink pants.
Then she puts on dresses and tank tops and skirts and walks around like she's practicing her final entry onto the runway after her very own fashion show.
Okay, maybe she's simply being a 2.5 year old girl.
And maybe I'm projecting.
But I'm fine with that.
Cuz she'll have lots of practice walking out with me at the end of MY fashion shows.
Okay, maybe I'm being a 25 year old girl.
And maybe I'm dreaming.
But I'm fine with that.

Come on though...
See those boots.
Those fuzzy pink boots that are the most impractical thing to wear in a Canadian winter, yet are the most worn thing in her closet.
I went grocery shopping the other day and came home to find her in the studio with The Hubby and only in a pullup with her spring jacket and these fuzzy boots on.
It was crazy cute.
She also picked out these pink polka dot earrings all by herself. Keeps me laughing because she can't really see them as well as she'd like in the mirror so every time she passes her refection she contorts her body to admire her newest studs.
(Nothing like her mother of course. I couldn't possibly have shown her jewellery and told her that to be my daughter she must be borderline obsessed?! Me? Never.)

Whenever I read a beloved magazine I wish that someone was beside me to page-shop, critique and oogle all the fab finds I see...
Then I remembered my trusty iPhone and decided that YOU (yes, poor you) must be forced to be my companion through magazines 1-4 where I snapped pics of all the things I am lusting after this (soon to arrive) Spring.
Heidi Klum is just thrown in there because I have a massive crush on her and want to be her best friend and call Seal "Buddy".
It'll happen.
Unless she sees this...?

I would offer you a cup of white tea to go with the drool pouring out of your mouth, but I am here and you are there.
And to prove what a fashion love I have this is a glimpse at my jewellery collection.
Most pieces I snatched up on a dime (or two) and hoarded over the last 7 years.
This is only 1/8th of my options.
Still I only wear a couple of pieces a week.
I have small children.
I am planning to be the most adorned mother at school pickup time when the kids are a little older.
I will get my fix. Even if I'm at swimming lessons wearing it!

The love of all things sparkle and shine can't end simply with my ring collection.
It is on the walls of my house.
If I had my own way, we wouldn't even have a ceiling fan in the kitchen. We would have some obese chandelier and we would rest our plates on top of the light bulbs.
The Hubby says he draws the line there. (We don't have central air. He thinks that removing our only source of air flow during summer heat waves would be unwise.)
I think that the view would be worth some extra sweat.
I think I'll wear him down... Someday.

And this pic? Well it was just to damn cute not to share it.

Now after crawling in the front door at 4:00am after a ladies night out and getting up at 7am... I can't function.

Off to snuggle The Princess asleep beside me. Pink Polka dots included.

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