Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surviving With Style.

March 16.
Halfway through people!
And it has officially succeeded in being the best (1/2) March I have ever had.
Not only have I grown closer to stupendous mothers and dedicated friends, but I have also stepped into Perspective.

Yes, stepped into.
I believe in some tribes it's called GROWING UP.

Perhaps it's due to age. Perhaps along with the shape change that I am informed happens at twenty five (and is happening to me) also comes wisdom that for not lack of trying, is impossible to find before the first quarter century.

Maybe my children becoming (slightly) more independent is supplying me with time to see beyond baby barf and size 5 diapers. (What can I say, the kids were so chubby they ended up in size 5 diapers by 8 months and remained in them till, well, now.) I am certain the woman who I inevitably cash out with at the grocery store thinks that I have a herd of one year olds to go along with the number of size 5 diapers I have purchased in the last 4 years. I think I should have bought stocks in size 5 diapers. (No brand in particle. The sales determine the choice.)

It's also possible that I am feeling the winds of change. For five years we have been in a knuckle down and hold on for dear life pattern. In all areas. Possibly life is moulding into something new for our loud and obnoxious family...

It doesn't really matter what the instigator of this new found Perspective is. The important thing is that IT'S HERE.

I am really hoping that it's voice will gain strength and volume in my daily choices. I like what it has to say.

And as I have said before, I truly look forward to looking back on my immature ignorance as a twenty five year old, as much as I enjoy looking back on my immature ignorance as a fifteen year old.

But for today I am going to take in some of the sunshine this mid-March day has brought and I am going to smile at the daffodils my Mum bought me yesterday (I randomly posted on facebook that daffodils would make me smile, and so they did).
Before all this living though, I really think I should get out of my PJ's. (And get The Princess out of her's too.)

(P.S. My Mum found this pic of me at six. She also kept this well loved/worn dress so The Princess can love/wear it too! Full circle baby, everything comes full circle... Even bad hair!)

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