Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Showers Bring May Flowers... And Help With Housekeeping.

We have begun to drown in a mass of clothes.
Clean clothes no less.
And though I'm sure it could be worse and we could be drowning in a mass of dirty laundry, I am losing the ability to function.

At 3am I was climbing over a growing mountain of shirts and under ware just to prepare a homeopathic remedy for The Princess. If I am awake in the wee hours of the morning climbing over heaps of clothes I can be found cursing, and swearing it will never get this bad again.

I am usually an on top of it kind of housekeeper. One load of laundry a day, battle the dishes in the sink a bit at a time and take out the garbage every other day. Done,done and done.

But this has been the March Break. And I have thoroughly enjoyed going out EVERY DAY!

There have been movies and mall dates and photo shoots and errands to run. I have made dinner for friends and gone out for dinner with friends. Today I am paying for it.

If it wasn't for Robin who surprised me by showing up with applesauce treats ready to play with The Kiddos, I am fairly certain that that atrocious laundry catastrophe was going to grow limbs and eyeballs and eat me as punishment for the extreme neglect.

But shopping yesterday for sunglasses with The Prince was such fun, and he's rocking Sponge Bob like no body's business...
And Sis Extraordinaire made my hair look so brilliant that it actually turned heads! (She has brought me a long way since the days of the soccer mom cut and raspberry red dye job...)

So to be the icing on the cake of a week of shunned responsibilities I went out with Sis, Talia and Amanda and had a very grown up dinner at a very chic restaurant on Young St. then went for a Starbucks dessert latte at The Don Mills Shoppes. All the while feeling superb because the girls paid my ass some lovely compliments right before leaving the driveway and it boosted its ego a little too much. :)

Yet the fun I was having lead to reality when I woke up to snuggles and squeezes from a coughing, congested, feverish and sucky Princess who ate a banana at 3:15am while I got her a drink. And as much as I hate losing sleep, or tripping on socks when I should be sleeping, those cuddles I got, oh those cuddles, they were special and worth exhaustion to help her feel better.

Today, with those big puppy eyes, she got her coat her boots and her hat, and fever and all she put them on. Then she stood in the hallway and said "I wOnt to go OUtside, to a vAcAtion."
Since she was so adorable Auntie RaRa couldn't resist and off they went on a four minute outing up and down the walkway which satisfied her need for a vacation... but not mine...

Gradually the housework will be done and The Princess will recover and life will fall back into step but today I am indulging in sweatpants and tea and delighting in playtime with Robin.


  1. Love it babe!! i am more than ok with sweatpants and tea!!! xo

  2. cute. you did look good tho, you so deserved the love!

    sorry 'bout the heap of clothes. i say, forget about it and go shopping at target. that's what i do:)

    when it gets really bad, throw a party...that'll make you want to clan the house. swear, it's what i do!

    love your comments. you are so kind!

  3. I would forever ditch laundry to go to Target.... IF we HAD a target here! I have to cross the border to enjoy that luxury ;)