Thursday, March 18, 2010

Melodrama and My Spring Collection.

TWO hours of sleep. THREE nights in a row.
I believe I hit a state of delirium around 4:45am in which I thought I was trapped on a small dingy boat in the middle of the Atlantic with two insane midgets who were determined to kick me till I went mad. (The Princess is sick. Coughing. Constantly.)
At some point in the minutes following I entered sleep mode until 7am when the alarm clock rudely played Nickleback to start my day. (I think Nickleback should be banned from radio altogether but most especially in the wee hours of the morning when unassuming individuals might be dreadfully assualted by their "music" before the day even has a hope of being good.)

On TWO hours of sleep I jam-packed the schedule... between bouts of black coffee and yawning.

  • Get dressed for the day. HAIR BLOW DRYED. Check.
  • Get the kids ready and in the car to drive and pick up Jenna. Check.
  • Get there safely. Check.
  • Get home safely. Check. (Are you tired yet? I am.)
  • Give a mini art lesson to a talented young girl. Check.
  • Have a Spring photo shoot by the lake with excellent photographer Steve Ruiter and super cute one year old Noah. Check.
  • Upload and edit pics. Check.
  • Pick up The Prince from Noe and Popops' house for a fun day out. Check.
  • Get McD's and gas. Check.
  • Drive in Toronto traffic. Check.
  • Ooogle outfits and accessories while entertaining a four year old (with ADHD). Big Fat Check.
  • Race around in a red sports car and feed son to the crocodiles they have lying around Yorkdale Mall. Check.
  • Drive home in even WORSE Toronto traffic. Check.
  • Look in on The (sick) Princess and "let" Noe and Popops keep her for a sleepover. Check.
  • Go to the grocery store. Check.
  • Drive home in Pickering traffic. Check.
  • Drive back to Noe and Popops' house with sleepover necessities. Check.
  • Oh, and have important daily catch ups with friends on the way (with an earpiece of course). Check.
  • Get back home and sit for the next 1.5 hours while dear Jenna slaves over dinner. Check.
  • Eat. Check.
  • Drink. Check.
  • Do dishes while drinking. Check.
  • Make brownies. Check.
  • Get super talented Sis to do my hair just because she loves me THAT MUCH. Check.
  • Sleep???
Not yet.

But I love you all so very much that here is a taste of the Spring Collection soon to be posted on Etsy...
Ooogle away people...


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  1. Thank you so much for your comment! Love your pics!