Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Runaway Rollercoaster.

Our Wednesday (Saturday) was sunny and WARM and filled to the brim.

The Prince went out on BOY ONLY errands with Daddy and The Princess looked at me as they headed off and said "Mommy, I wOnt to go the the mAll." She read my mind. Such a smart little girl.
After spoiling her with a new cardigan (because who can resist a cute spring cardigan on sale, it's a weakness I tell you, a weakness!) The Hubby called and asked if the girls would like to meet up with the boys for brunch.
We accepted, of course with the understanding that it was only brunch and nothing should be read into it... joking.

It was a rotten brunch. Not the company. The company was cuddly and squirmy and smelled like the new spring rain laundry softener I don't know how I ever lived without.
No, the food was bleeh. The service was blah and the coffee was refilled only once. (I miss the breakfast place across the street. I think it's time we get over our fear of the new owners and walk in with a placard that states, We are a boisterous and noisy family who gallop up breakfast and make you suffer while we sit there for another 30min just to drink our fourth refill of coffee.)

Daddy never got to finish his refill, looked quite perturbed and the munchkins decided screeching was a helpful way to inform the waitress that they were finished with sitting still and poking at their Mickey Mouse pancakes. Charming really.
(Thank God for materialism and iPhones.)

But all that fun and silliness had to go visit Noe and Popops while Mommy and Daddy went to the Developmental Pediatrician to talk about The Prince, sans screeching and poking.

We made the requested list of all the reasons why or why not The Prince had Autism Spectrum Disorder. We felt bad. It looked like we forgot all the high functioning things about him. Not true. They all just fit into the symptoms of ASD.

The drive was different than in the past. This was going to steer us in whichever direction The Prince needed to go. And I was already sleep deprived.

Well over our allotted time later, the lovely and patient Doctor walked us to the door. By the end of the appointment the list was shredded and useless. He has ADHD.
(This is me breathing.)
(This is me taking it in.)
ADHD with some gifted areas (music/creativity) and some severe challenges (language/social), that could be mistaken and misdiagnosed as ASD.
He can be helped. We can be helped.
We've been on a rollercoaster ride. I hate rollercoasters. The last time I was on one I had a panic attack and ran off heaving.

Though I hate the drop in my stomach I'm getting used to it. I am losing sight of up and down and just catching my breath in between.
And it's better this way.
Way way better.
Because I'm finally getting that I can't drive this contraption. All I can do is ride with it. All I can do is breathe. So watch me practice the Lamaze I never put to use...
HeHe Ha.


  1. I have very vivid memories of me in your face saying, "moan with me... ohhhhhhh"... You most certainly did put Lamaze to use :)

  2. Chris says to tell you that they diagnosed him with ADHD as a child also. They tried to put him on ritilin and his mother refused. He was a straight A student. He says to tell you that Prince will be okay.
    I'll email you the info sheet on ADHD.