Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away...

I decided that today we needed to act like it was sunny outside-inside. Sunglasses and dollar store blow dryers, breakfast at the local Mom&Pop place and toy motorcycles...
When we were faced with the walk back home home in pouring rain I decided that I could be brave enough to face the muck and mire mess to have some fun.
It was worth every ounce of wet, soggy, muddy cleanup to have those few blissful moments...

"Rainy day, I have made the most of you.
I even let The Prince and Princess splash in your puddles.
Now I would like you to leave.


  1. Awesome Pictures Darling - - It was wonderful to share this rainy day with you. Think about the things we couldn't have gotten away with if it wasn't categorized as a RAINY DAY! :)
    XO OX - The prine and princess's smiles are contagious!!!

  2. That is just too precious! :) I love this and your blog!!

  3. Pics of them splashing are PRICELESS!!! Thanks for being so great at keeping us posted... LOVE YOU ALL!!