Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Madness I tell you!

Some of these days have been down right wretched.
Three sleeps until Daddy comes home and I would like to blink them away.

There are some perks to life with him away... The things I need to keep me sane! (New camera, laptop, earrings....)

But I miss his company. I miss his hand-holding and the giggles that only he evokes from The Kiddos.
The Prince and Princess have adjusted very well. The weekend was hard but we were all in a bad mood and behaved in un-adult and petty ways. (Especially Mommy!) Church on Sunday was wonderful and refreshing until The Princess BARFED in Sunday school causing me to have a complete crying breakdown thinking that this is an impossible feat, raising two children without Daddy home. But then I breathed... And ate Thai food with Emma and Monday came with sunshine while fevers faded and Mani-Pedi's were had at The Sis's new place and I realized I can do this.

Most of the time.
Which is why when life gets to be too much and orders are piling in and sleep is in short supply and patience has gone out the window, I will have a Nanny help.
Okay, okay, she's a new friend who rocks with kids, especially mine and who will be my sanity when grandparents need to live there own lives and I need a break from human beings under four feet tall!
I think I am just in love with the word "Nanny". It makes me feel like I should live on the French Riviera with maids and a hot pool boy. Sadly life ain't so glamorous!

Sorry........ dreaming.............. hold on, Anna Wintor is telling me I'm the next hot designer.......... Alright, back now.....

Madness tonight, consisting of bracelet designing for a Ladies Getaway weekend and wedding piece finishing and laundry battling and hopefully sleep repairing. Considering I tried a Power Yoga class for the first time today and after 25 minutes was bathing in sweat and wondering if my legs would ever bend out of the position I wiggled and jammed them into!

Pictures as soon as I figure out this laptop and that camera!!


  1. You are incredible, I am proud of you. These challenges times are molding all of you into better, stronger, people. ok it sounds mushy but i believe it. love u darling

  2. omg, in love with the word nanny was so funny. you are one funny girl. i hope hubby makes it home soon enough for a good mama break.

    computer and camera issues, that really does suck. i'm sorry.