Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Five Mother's Days, Trumped By 91 Years Young.

I woke up in a royally rotten mood on Mother's Day.
I went to the gym to get a workout and shower in before church.
I came home to a disaster zone, including spilled yogurt, children in their slept in outfits from the day before and pencil designs all over the wall in the front hall.
The Hubby was still slightly jet-lagged, adjusting to being at home instead of on the road and had at least got them fed and up.
But I didn't care. I was grumpy.

After church we came home and I took a nap on the couch. I woke up to the wall scrubbed clean, and the smell of fresh french toast burning. There are two things The Hubby makes well: BBQ (anything) and breakfast.
My mood slowly improved. Besides The Hubby looked so cute doing dishes and The Prince was so cute giving me kisses.

We then went to begin the celebrations of Gran Gran's 91st birthday.
Gran was sick two weeks ago and Mom and I brought her to the hospital just to make sure everything was all right. (Which it was. Healthiest 91 year old they'd ever seen!) While we were there the nurses would yell into her ear as if she was deaf and senile. When they would leave the room Gran would chuckle at how ridiculous they looked. At 91 she ROCKS. I think she got stuck at 70. She hasn't aged mentally since. Though she does a little more of a shuffle than a jig, she still puts us to shame.

My family is wonderful. My kids are beautiful and funny. I prayed that they would be funny. Docile kids would be a reprieve from the chaos that my Monkeys create but I would get bored. Seriously bored.
The Hubby is my best friend and absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. Though I reamed him out for epically failing on the coffee making and card giving Sunday morning, he really does let me know daily how very much I mean to him.
My Mom and Dad and Sis and Bro-In-Law and Brother are nuts. I couldn't live without them.
And my In-Laws, the whole bunch, are the most generous family you could know.

More than anything it was a day to feel HONOURED (even if I didn't feel like being honoured) and a day to HONOUR the women around me.

The Prince and Princess watching Daddy in Manafest's new video from the shoot! (For the 100th time.)

Four generations of Cherry's... Cherry(Gran), Noelle Cherry(Mom), Rebecca Cherry(Me)... and Cherry Amy(Princess).

Best Friends.

60 years difference between these hands.

I will have my grouchy days. The ones where Mr. Grumpy sits on my shoulder until I decide to kick him off but I know that my family loves me for all I am. Which is a good thing because I am all I am because of THEM!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to ALL! (the women)


  1. I am so glad that things turned around for you on Sunday!

  2. your day sounds like my last wed! lol!
    glad you feel better! happy mother's day!